Five consensuses reached at 7th Xiangshan Forum

China Military
Zhang Tao

BEIJING, Oct. 12 (ChinaMil) -- Representatives to the 7th Xiangshan Forum held in-depth discussions on Tuesday around the theme of "Build a New Type of International Relations through Security, Dialogue and Cooperation"and four major topics: the role of military in global governance, responding to new security challenges in the Asia-Pacific through cooperation, maritime security cooperation, and international terrorism threats and countermeasures.

In his closing speech to the general meeting of the forum, Gen. CaiYingting, chairman of China Association for Military Science and president of the PLA Academy of Military Science, summarized the consensuses reached by the representatives into following five aspects:

Maintaining peace and stability in the Asia Pacific is the common responsibility of all parties. To deal with security challenges to the Asia Pacific region, all concerned parties should establish a new common security outlook featuring comprehensiveness, cooperation and sustainability, and adopt the Asian approach of mutual respect, consultation for agreement and accommodating the comfort of all parties to enhance coordination of various security mechanisms in the region and create a security governance model with Asian Pacific characteristics and jointly foster the Asian-Pacific partnership of mutual trust, inclusiveness and win-win cooperation, thus blazing out a trail for regional security that is created by all, shared by all and beneficial to all.

Safeguarding maritime security requires the united efforts of all countries. In face of maritime security risks in the region, all parties should observe the UN Charter and insist that maritime disputes should be settled through negotiation and consultation by directly concerned parties according to international law and based on historical facts. We should further standardize conduct on the sea and crisis management under the multilateral security framework, strengthen cooperation in operations of civil ship escort, humanitarian aid, anti-piracy and anti-terrorism, and join efforts to maintain the harmonious and stable maritime order of the Asia Pacific region.

Terrorism is the common enemy of humankind. As terrorist threat is becoming more and more frequent, the international community should work together, under the central coordination of the United Nations, to set up a "united front" against terrorism without any preconditions. We should jointly prevent and fight against all forms of terrorism, abandon political hijacking and "double standard" and adopt comprehensive measures to fight terrorism and eliminate its root causes, so as to pave the way for eradicating terrorism in all forms.

It is a request of the times to jointly push forward the reform of global governance system. The principle of "discussed, built and shared by all" should be upheld in global governance, and global security governance should be advanced resolutely. The military of all countries should act as the cornerstone of maintaining peace, the facilitator of enhancing mutual trust and the driving force of promoting cooperation in the global governance system, especially security governance system.

Joint efforts are needed in promotion of building a new model of international relations of win-win cooperation.The interests and destinies of all countries are more closely linked than ever before, and the world is increasingly becoming a community with a common future in which all countries are interdependent. All countries should adhere to peaceful development, win-win cooperation, mutual trust and tolerance and sharing responsibilities, should give consideration to other's reasonable concerns while pursuing their own interests, promote common development while pursuing their own, and respect others' security while preserving their own, so as to forge a community of shared destiny for all mankind where all countries share weal and woe.

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