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China's top political advisory body concluded its annual session Thursday, stressing the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

The presidium of the first session of the 13th NPC Thursday decided to send some key documents and a candidate list for the upcoming elections of state leaders for deliberation.

President Xi Jinping urged the armed forces on Monday to uphold and accelerate the civil-military integration strategy amid the country's efforts to build a world-class military.

A new leadership was elected on Wednesday to guide the development of the top political advisory body for the next five years.

Chinese lawmakers Tuesday heard a draft supervision law and a reshuffle plan on the State Council, or the cabinet, at the ongoing national legislative session.

Why does China need a new body to address veteran issues?

Addressing veteran issues in the build-up of a modernized military is key to building a strong army for achieving China's national rejuvenation.

Chinese veterans’ rights will be better protected

The Ministry of Veterans Affairs to be established in accordance with the plan to deepen the reform of Party and State institutions is a historic step to implement the strategy to build a powerful military.

Nation will never engage in arms race, PLA official asserts

China will never launch or involve itself in an arms race with any other country, especially the United States, said a senior strategist from the People's Liberation Army on Thursday.

China's defense budget increase mainly to develop new weapons

The increase in China's national defense budget will mainly be used to develop new weapons and equipment, improve training conditions, and guarantee military reform and benefits for officers and other personnel.