Salute to national defense heroes

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Xu Yi
2019-09-27 10:30:34

On September 17, Chinese President Xi Jinping signed a presidential decree to award national medals and honorary titles to 42 individuals, 11 of whom are, or had been military personnel, or work in national defense area, ranging from war heroes, martyr sacrificing life to safeguard peace, veterans who remain true to their original aspirations, to key figures in defense science and technology, and vanguards loyal to duties and missions. They are the backbone of our national defense construction. They are the representatives of our national defense spirit.

The honorees of the Medal of the Republic

Yu Min

NA (National Academician) Yu Min, male, born August 1926, died January 2019: Deceased nuclear physicist NA Yu had led and participated in the theoretical study and design of nuclear weapons for many years. He basically put forth the complete concept from the principles to the configurations of hydrogen bomb, filling the blank of nuclear theory in China.

Sun Jiadong

NA Sun Jiadong, male, born April 1929: Aerospace engineer NA Sun is one of the founders of China’s artificial satellite and deep-space exploration technologies, and also chief designer of China’s lunar exploration program (Phase I). He has made outstanding contributions to basic satellite technology, satellite return technology, launching and positioning technology of geosynchronous earth orbit satellite, navigation satellite networking technology and deep-space exploration technology in China.

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