The second session of the 13th National People's Congress (NPC) lowered the curtain Friday.

China's top political advisory body concluded its annual session Wednesday, building a broad consensus and unity for national development.

"We will resolutely safeguard national sovereignty, security, and development interests, and never seek maritime hegemony," said the deputies and members from the Chinese Navy participating in the "Two Sessions".

China's new generation of soldiers have developed better comprehensive qualities, are physically stronger, better educated and more enthusiastic in serving the country, said Senior Colonel Wei Changjin, political commissar of the Zaozhuang Regional Military Command, on Wednesday.

Chinese courts at all levels took strong actions against crimes threatening state security last year, a work report of the Supreme People's Court says Tuesday.

Chinese military takes an increasingly open and assertive posture towards the world

Military deputies attending the Two Sessions remarked that in the new era the Chinese military are fulfilling its international obligations with an open, confident and transparent posture, which showcases China’s willingness to shoulder the responsibility of a great power.

Should the West be hostile to China's defense budget?

Many international media outlets are highlighting the increase in China's defense budget, saying China is accelerating the growth of its army, with a focus on fighting and winning future wars. Is that really the case?

China's military spending is no threat to others

China's military spending accounted for about 1.3 percent of its GDP in 2018, while the proportion was above 2 percent in some major developed countries. And although China is the world's second-largest military spender, it still lags far behind the United States, which has a defense budget of $716 billion this year.

Nothing untoward about China's military budget

Lower than last year's 8.1 percent, the growth in military spending revealed by a draft budget report to be submitted to the annual session of the country's top legislature that opened on Tuesday marks a reasonable and moderate rise.