Assistance from PLA Rocket Force boosts villagers to pursue better life


The picture shows the gate and the old two-storey teaching building of the Chengjiang Primary School before the PLA Rocket Force started reconstruction of the school in 2016. Now the the Chengjiang Primary School has been renamed the Rocket Force Chengjiang Hope Primary School. 

The picture shows the gate of the Rocket Force Chengjiang Hope Primary School. Over the past few years, the PLA Rocket Force has made a facelift of the Chengjiang Primary School by reconstructing the teaching building and improving teaching and sports facilities such as multimedia classrooms, a playground with plastic tracks, and football and basketball courts.
The picture shows the campus of the Rocket Force Chengjiang Hope Primary School in the Chengjiang Village, Yudu County, Ganzhou City, east China’s Jiangxi Province.

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Source:China Military Online