Chinese peacekeepers to Lebanon pay tribute to Chinese martyr Du Zhaoyu

China Military Online
Liu Yuyuan
2021-04-06 17:40:31

By Ding Wendong and Liu Xiongma

KHIAM, Apr. 6 -- Over 50 people including representatives of the 19th Chinese peacekeepers to Lebanon, staff of the Chinese Embassy to Lebanon, UN military observers and staff officers of the United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL), came to Khiam on the Lebanon-Israel border on April 4, local time, to pay tribute to Chinese martyr Du Zhaoyu and other martyrs who heroically sacrificed their lives for peacekeeping operations 15 years ago.

Major Du Zhaoyu and his colleagues were carrying out a mission at a military observation post on the border of Lebanon, Israel and Syria on July 25, 2006. At 7:30 that night, the observation post was suddenly bombed by air strikes, and four UN military observers including Du Zhaoyu were killed.

As for now, the post is in ruins, and the faintly visible bullet holes and cracks on the broken walls seem to be telling about the tragic and ruthless war. The monument made of two T-shaped walls stands tall and hangs the portraits of heroes. The heroes firmly and silently stare at this place where they had fought and guarded.

For more than ten years, Chinese peacekeepers have stayed in the war-torn land, fulfilling the mission of maintaining regional peace and stability.

At the ceremony, Zheng Yuchong, defense attaché of the Chinese Embassy in Lebanon, and Du Jia, commander of the Chinese peacekeeping force to Lebanon, went forward to sort out the wreaths. Afterwards, all the participants took off their caps, bowed and paid a silent tribute to Du Zhaoyu and other martyrs.

It is learned that since the 19th batch of Chinese peacekeeping force to Lebanon was deployed to the mission area last year, they have completed tasks such as mine clearance and bomb disposal, "Blue Line" maintenance, patrol road repairs, defense engineering construction, and medical treatment with high standards. They also stepped out of the mission area for the first time,went to the Port of Beirut for the port reconstruction task, donated medicines and anti-pandemic materials to the local people, which received high recognition from UNIFIL and the local people.

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