RDF, Chinese military discuss military cooperation

Yao Jianing
2018-06-06 11:25:06
Maj Gen Zhang Yingli and Defence Minister, Gen. James Kabarebe
Source: IGIHE

A Chinese Military Delegation led by Maj Gen Zhang Yingli yesterday visited Rwanda Ministry of Defence in a call that was aimed at promoting exchange and cooperation between the military of both countries.

The Chinese delegation was welcomed by the Minister of Defence, Gen. James Kabarebe and the Chief of Defence Staff, Gen. Patrick Nyamvumba among other Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) senior commanders.

The bilateral discussions reviewed the progress of the ongoing excellent military relation between the two countries and expressed the willingness to enhance and take it further.

In the discussions, Kabarebe emphasized that both countries have had good relations.

“Rwanda and China have always had good relations, so this visit is aimed at discussing ways of strengthening the existing cooperation,” he said.

The forces of the two countries maintain good levels of cooperation in terms of training and logistics.

The Chinese Head of Delegation, Zhang commended Rwanda for its efforts to advance peace and security in Africa through peacekeeping engagements.

“This is clearly a common interest for China and Rwanda alike”, Zhang said.

For its part, China has recently embraced multinational peacekeeping efforts by sending military and civilian personnel on peacekeeping missions in Africa.

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