Spokesperson appreciates peacekeepers' devotion to world peace

Global Times
Huang Panyue
2019-05-31 09:05:49

Wu Qian, a spokesperson with China's Ministry of National Defense, Thursday thanked all peacekeepers in UN missions for their contribution.

Wu made the remarks at a press conference while displaying a letter from a Syrian refugee in Lebanon who praises and thanks the medical and linguistic staff of a Chinese peace-keeping force for curing him of a serious wolf bite.

"I would like to present this letter and his goodwill to all the peacekeepers, and thank you for your selfless devotion to world peace," Wu said.

The 18th group of Chinese peacekeepers for Lebanon left for a UN peace-keeping mission earlier this month.

Peacekeepers of the 17th group swept over 7,000 square meters of a minefield and cleared over 1,400 mines, completed over 70 engineering projects and provided medical services in over 10,000 cases. All 410 members were awarded UN medals for their contribution, according to Wu.

Besides, two Chinese military officers working at the UN Department of Peace Operations, together with 28 of their colleagues from 18 countries, were awarded medals for their contributions to the UN peacekeeping effort, Wu said, offering his "heartfelt congratulations."

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