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"Glorious Mission" fills in blank in computer military game

(Source: PLA Daily)   2011-05-13

  The military game "Glorious Mission" has been completed after two years’ joint development by relevant departments of the Nanjing Military Area Command of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and the Wuxi Giant Network Technology Co., Ltd.

  The newly developed military game "Glorious Mission" boasts fully independent intellectual property rights and fills in the blanks of military games.

  The game, with a soldier's personal story in the military camp as the background and participating in a large-scale actual-troop confrontation drill code-named "Glorious Mission" as the main line, is divided into three parts including basic training, individual soldier's task and squad/team confrontation. In squad/team confrontation part, 32 soldiers can log on at the same time to start confrontation combat according to the rules in selected scenes.

  It is learned that the research and development units involved in the project will further enrich and improve the game software based on the existing products to gradually increase the military elements of various services and arms so as to better reflect modern military concept of information-based operation and systematic operation. The improved game software will be issued to relevant units on a trial basis.

  By Wang Dongping and Liu Gang

Editor:Cui Xinwen
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