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Deputy chief designer of national aircraft carrier project: ‘Liaoning Ship’ is just a beginning

(Source: China Military Online)   2012-11-07

       Wu Xiaoguang, deputy chief designer of the national aircraft carrier project of the 701 Research Institute of the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation and also a representative attending the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, said in a interview on the afternoon of November 6, 2012 that we should attach more importance to the ocean and ensure legitimate maritime rights and interests in the future by ourselves.

       When referring to the aircraft carrier construction that has attracted nation-wide attention, Wu Xiaoguang, who has dedicated himself to the construction of national defense equipment for 30 years, told the reporters, “China’s perception of interest demands has a bearing on the number of aircraft carriers. How many aircraft carriers China should have depends on its needs. What I can tell you is that the ‘Liaoning Ship’ is just a beginning.”

       By Nan Chen, Li Pengxiang and Liu Jie

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