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Glimpses of weaponry exhibition hall at Zhuhai Air Show

(Source: China Military Online)   2012-11-15

  A 4x4 wheeled mine-resistant and ambush-protected vehicle (MRAPV) shown during the exhibition. ( Tianfu)

  The weaponry hall had its premiere show at the Zhuhai Air Show in China. Once entering the hall, you’ll immediately see the newly-unveiled CS/VP3 4x4 wheeled mine-resistant and ambush-protected vehicle (MRAPV) developed by the China South Industries Group Corporation (CSGC). It is a chasis-less fully-enclosed type of mine-resistant vehicle with high protection performance, excellent human-and-machine environment, strong maneuverability and strong supportability. It can be used as the battlefield transportation vehicle, battlefield ambulance and patrol-transport vehicle to equip troop units. The armor of the vehicle body can effectively protect the crew from the attacks of landmines, roadside bombs and light weapons, while its vehicle-mounted weapons can powerfully attack such opposing forces as terrorists, guerrillas and others. It can particularly help enhance the mobility and strike capability of Chinese peacekeeping troops when they are performing peacekeeping tasks overseas.

  The CS/LN1 combat system for police detachment exhibited for the first time is a digitalized weapon-equipment system which fully integrates the soldier’s traditional weapon, electric-optical sights, communication equipment, protective gears and so on, so as to greatly improve soldier’s comprehensive combat capability and detachment’s capability in command and control, coordinated operation, situational awareness, information management and information sharing.

  In addition, the exhibition hall also displayed the CS/VN3 4x4 wheeled armored vehicle, the airdroptype all-terrain vehicle, the CS/VP4 8X8 light-weight all-terrain vehicle, a collection of artillery equipment such as the CS/SA1 vehicle-mounted 35 mm anti-aircraft gun, the CS/SM1 vehicle-mounted 81 mm rapid-fire mortars and the like, the CS/LM5 12.7 mm Gatling machine gun, the 12.7 mm aviation machine gun, the CS/LM12 7.62 mm Gatling machine gun system, the wheeled 30 mm self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon system, the key-point short-range air-defense anti-missile weapon system, the 825 anti-aircraft gun fire-control radar system, the CS/UR1 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system, the type-820 low-altitude target indication radar, the CS/RB1 light-weight warning radar, the low-and-medium altitude target indication radar, and the improved CS/RT1 target indication radar.

  Meanwhile, other items also made debut at the air show, such as the 250-3 low-resistance aviation fragmentation and explosive bomb, the 250-4 low-resistance low-altitude aviation fragmentation and explosive bomb, the CS/BBC5 500-kg guided glide cluster bomb, the CS/BBF1 250-kg aviation-fueled air bomb, and other aerial weapons. All of these have greatly enhanced Chinese military’s air-to-ground assault capability and its potentiality to weaken enemy’s combat capability.

Editor:Zhang Tao

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