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Joint anti-terror exercise held in China-Kyrgyzstan border areas

(Source: China Military Online)   2013-08-12

The picture shows that public security frontier defense soldiers charge at the hiding place of the “terrorists” under cover of an armored vehicle. (Source: Xinhuanet)

  BEIJING, August 12 (ChinaMil) -- A joint anti-terror exercise codenamed “Frontier Defense Joint Determination 2013” staged by the frontier defense forces of China and Kyrgyzstan under the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) kicked off yesterday in the China-Kyrgyzstan border areas.

  It is the first joint anti-terror exercise held by the frontier defense forces of the two countries and also the result of the consultation between the frontier defense departments of China and Kyrgyzstan under the Resolution No. 310 adopted at the 22nd session of the Executive Meeting of the Regional Anti-Terror Structure of the SCO.

  The exercise will be carried out in two phases of indoor-deducing and actual-troop drills. A total of 1,075 soldiers from the Chinese and Kyrgyzstani border defense forces participated in the exercise.

  The exercise mainly focuses on the exchange and analysis of intelligence, joint decision-making and joint actions as well as tactics in actual-troop encirclement operations.


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