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For refugees in war
-- On Chinese peacekeeping detachment to South Sudan

(Source: China Military Online)   2014-09-12

Peacekeepers with children at the refugee camp

Medical personnel with infant twins at the refugee camp

  BEIJING, September 11 (ChinaMil) -- The security situation in South Sudan has kept worsening since internal conflict broke out at the end of last year, turning over a million people into refugees displaced from their homes. At the Wau base of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), the Chinese peacekeeping detachment has served as “peace envoy”, built shelters for the homeless refugees, and provided medical services for local people who deeply suffered in the war. Emergent caesarean section brings first twins into the world The Chinese Level-II hospital received a call from the refugee camp clinic asking for help on the early morning of August 15, 2014 because a pregnant woman suffering from gestational hypertension had had several convulsions.

  After receiving the request, the Chinese peacekeeping medical team immediately sent doctors and nurses to the refugee camp and brought the pregnant woman back for treatment. Obstetrician Liu Lei quickly examined the woman, and the results showed that she was about to give birth as the water had broken and the babies were in serious oxygen deficit. The mother was in a critical condition as she began to show blurred mind, convulsion, hypertension and fast heart rate.

  “We must conduct a caesarean section immediately if we want to save the babies.”

  Liu Lei brought out two baby boys successively at 05:30, but they were in unhealthy color all over and didn’t breathe, so the medical personnel applied emergency treatment to them again.

  Eventually, the babies cried out loud and clear as the morning sun pierced through darkness.

  It is learnt that this is the first twins delivered by China since it joined the peacekeeping mission in South Sudan in 2006.

  Regular medical rounds ensure refugees’ health Armed conflicts broke out in Wau, South Sudan, at the end of April this year, and a large number of refugees swarmed into the UNMISS Wau base to seek shelter. So far the refugee camp established by the Chinese peacekeeping detachment has sheltered over 1,500 refugees, mostly women and children.

  Considering that it was the rainy season, when contagious diseases of all kinds easily broke out, the 12th Chinese peacekeeping medical team to Wau, South Sudan, took precautions against possible epidemics by regularly examining the refugees and taking preventive and disinfecting measures.

  The Chinese peacekeeping medical team to South Sudan provided volunteer medical treatment at the refugee camp southeast of the UNMISS Wau base on June 20, the World Refugee Day.

  Construction of school ignites flame of hope for South Sudanese children “Dear children, today you can walk into the classroom again thanks to the Chinese peacekeeping detachment, who has worked under the scorching sun over the past month to build this beautiful school for you. You must study hard and never forget what they have done for you.” Ms. Winnie, coordinator at the UNMISS Wau base, extended her gratitude to the Chinese peacekeeping detachment in a special way at the orientation ceremony of the elementary school at the refugee camp on June 28.

  When silvery reading voices flew out from the refugee camp, the elementary school undertaken by the Chinese peacekeeping engineer detachment was officially put into use.

  The 12th Chinese peacekeeping detachment to Wau, South Sudan, participated in the orientation ceremony on June 28. They brought schoolbags, football-shaped pencil boxes and other gifts for the children, and gave a brilliant performance. Traditional Chinese programs such as martial arts, dragon dance and lion dance excited the children very much.

  When we were about to leave after the ceremony, several older children led the smaller ones to do something that I will never forget. They gave us a military salute. At that moment, I could no longer hold my tears.

Editor:Yao Jianing
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