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"Joint Operation 2014E" kicks off

(Source: China Military Online)   2014-10-27

  SHENYANG, October 27 (ChinaMil) --The “Joint Operation 2014E” actual-troop military exercise held at the Taonan training base of the Shenyang Military Area Command (MAC) under the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) kicked off in northeast China on October 25, 2014.

  Organized and implemented by the PLA Shenyang MAC, the “Joint Operation 2014E” joint actual-troop military exercise mainly consisted of the 39th Combined Corps and certain air force troops under the Shenyang MAC.

  Altogether three corps-level units and over 20 division/brigade-level units were mobilized to participate in the exercise, including armored mechanized army troops, artillery, air-defense troops, army aviation troops, special operation troops, electronic warfare troops, anti-chemical troops, aviation force of the Air Force, ground air-defense force and radar troops. The Armed Police Force (APF), militiamen and reservists and relevant supportive forces also participated in the exercise, totaling about 20,000 people. Main equipment of the PLA Army and Air Force was applied in the drill.

  Creating the lifelike battlefield has always been an important topic of the PLA’s real-combat training all these years.

  During the exercise, stationary targets made of board and wire were replaced by remote-controlled moving waste tank targets in the real-ammunition firing phase, and every “enemy” bunker or firepoint was a real object.

  All possible situations that may happen on the future battlefield are deployed as long as current conditions allow. The exercise is aimed to comprehensively test the troops’ ability to make timely and accurate combat deployments and carry out joint operations under the threat of sea and air strike and special operation attack.

  “The large variety of air battle equipment and large amount of ammunitions mobilized in this exercise is rarely seen even in drills of the PLAAF. The complete mobilization of all combat elements is sure to comprehensively test and significantly enhance the real-combat capability of all services and arms”, said Lv Weibo, deputy chief of staff of the air force under the PLA Shenyang MAC.

  This actual-troop military exercise themed with “joint combat operation between the Army and the Air Force” will focus on deepening the study of 16 key and difficult points at three levels of joint operation commanding, namely strategy, battle and tactics.

  It is learnt that according to the plan, the PLA has organized seven “Joint Operation 2014” joint actual-troop exercises in 2014. The “Joint Operation 2014E” is the last one that also features the largest scale, most complete drill elements and most complicated drill contents.

Editor:Zhang Tao
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