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Chinese, Indonesian airborne forces hold joint anti-terror drill

(Source: China Military Online)   2014-10-27

  ZHENGZHOU, October 27 (ChinaMil) -- The airborne troops of China and Indonesia kicked off on October 27 a joint anti-terrorism drill code-named "Sharp Knife Airborne - 2014" in China upon approval of China's Central Military Commission (CMC), Col. Shen Jinke, spokesman of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF), released on Monday.

  It is the second time for the Chinese and Indonesian airborne troops to conduct joint anti-terrorism training of this kind since the "Sharp Knife Airborne - 2013" joint anti-terrorism training was successfully held in Bandung, the capital of West Java Province, Indonesia, in November of last year, said Col. Shen, adding that the joint training is another pragmatic exchange between the Chinese and Indonesian special forces at the tactical level.

  According to the spokesman, the major training subjects in the "Sharp Knife Airborne - 2014" include the basic skills training, anti-terrorism tactics, parachuting and sliding down from helicopter, etc.

  Col. Shen noted that the joint training was expected to help further strengthen the friendly exchange and cooperation between the Chinese and Indonesian airborne forces, improve the airborne troops' capability of fulfilling diversified missions, furthermore, deepen and promote the exchange and cooperation between the two countries and two militaries, in particular, between the air forces of the two countries.

  In recent years, the PLAAF has carried out a series of military exchange activities including joint exercises and trainings with the air forces of many countries, said Col. Shen. Via these military exchange activities, the PLAAF troops have improved their capabilities of carrying out diversified military missions in a vaster space, meanwhile, the air forces and people of foreign countries have had a deeper understanding of the Chinese air force, he continued.

  Col. Shen said that the PLAAF will expand the scope and fields of cooperation with the world air forces to commonly face various challenges and crises, so as to contribute to the world peace and progress.

Editor:Guo Renjie
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