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Commentary: concept of "blue-water navy" not suitable for China

(Source: China Military Online)   2015-03-11

  BEIJING, March11 (ChinaMil) -- The website of The National Interest, an American magazine, published an article titled5-Step Guide to Building a World-Class Navyon March 5, summarizing five elements for developing a "blue-water navy". The "blue-water navy" referred to in the report means having the capacity to deploy a task force of ships across the open ocean, and to support them at great distance from their bases.

  The article said that the United States navy is a blue-water force, while the Chinese navy still needs to work hard to reach the goal. A Chinese military expert said in an interview that the standard for the "blue-water navy" in the American media is the standard of the United States navy, which is different from the standard emphasized by the Chinese navy.

  Military expert Teng Jianqun pointed out that the concept of "blue-water navy" is not suitable for the Chinese navy. "After all, we are not in long-term confrontation or combat with a certain country in the ocean. This assumption is a remote one. The main mission of the Chinese navy is to protect China's overseas interests and take on international obligations such as providing escort for merchant ships in the Gulf of Aden, " Teng said.

  As for the five steps mentioned in the article to build a "blue-water navy", namely logistics, air, undersea, strike and experience. Military expert Song Xiaojun said that the standard for the so-called "blue-water navy" in the American media is the standard of the United States navy and is produced with the U.S. as the reference frame. Such a standard is different from the one emphasized by the Chinese navy. China's military strategy is subject to the national strategy and the Chinese navy will not pursue maritime hegemony as the U.S. navy does. "We are a force that safeguards the world peace and international maritime security," Song Xiaojun said.

Editor:Yao Jianing
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