PLA Army organs pilot online purchasing of petty sporadic supplies

Source: China Military OnlineEditor: Ouyang
2016-06-02 22:51

BEIJING, June 2 (ChinaMil) -- The PLA Army's leading organs and its Beijing-based subordinate units have officially initiated a pilot program of online purchasing of petty and sporadic supplies as of June 1, aiming to deepen the military procurement reform and regulate the purchasing behavior of petty and sporadic supplies.

The petty and sporadic supplies refer to the office supplies whose amount doesn't reach the concentration procurement threshold, and supplies whose individual or bulk purchase amount is less than 200,000 yuan. Such supplies for daily and general use include computers, network goods, computer accessories, cameras, digital accessories, office equipment, stationery supplies, electrical appliances, household items and sports equipment.

An e-shop for military purchasing of petty and sporadic supplies has been built on the Internet, which is developed, operated and managed by military procurement management department.

In the e-shop, users can conduct self-directed purchasing or online bidding purchasing. Self-directed option applies to individual or bulk purchases with the amount less than 50,000 yuan (inclusive). Online bidding is organized by the Procurement Bureau under the Logistics Department of the PLA Army when the individual or bulk purchase amount exceeds 50,000 yuan but less than 200,000 yuan (inclusive).When doing self-directed purchasing, users can select goods, quantities, suppliers and concluded prices and then put the goods in the shopping cart and fill out the shipping information and submit the purchase order after confirmation.

In the online bidding purchasing, buyers are required to offer their bidding information which contains the specified brands of goods, specifications and models, technical parameters, quantity and issue their bidding announcement. The online purchasing system will notify suppliers to participate in the bidding at an appointed time. After the bidding time is over, the system automatically selects the supplier with the lowest quote as the pre-closing supplier. After the buyer’s confirmation, the purchase order will be delivered.

The payment method in the e-shop for military purchasing of petty and sporadic supplies adopts cash on delivery.

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