Chinese teams bag medals in International Army Games 2016

Source: China Military OnlineEditor: Zhang Tao
2016-08-12 00:10

Chinese soldiers cheer for their victory in Engineering Formula Competition, one of the 23 competitions of the International Army Games 2016, at a training range in Volgograd, Russia. ( / Lei Xiao)

MOSCOW, August 11 (ChinaMil) -- The International Army Games 2016 entered its 12th match day on August 10. China has won the first place in one contest, the second place in 10 contests and the third place in two contests.

In the True Friend contest among dog handlers held in Dmitrov, Moscow Region, the Chinese team beat teams from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan by winning the first place in all four stages, i.e. individual race, guard duty, 300-meter obstacle course and relay race, and finally claimed the championship title of the contest.

The Army Scouts Masters contest among reconnaissance units wrapped up on August 6 in Novosibirsk. The contest involves five stages and 32 subjects. The Chinese team ranked the second among all teams.

The Chinese driver Chao Getu got two full scores in the second stage of the Army Scouts Masters and won the title of Excellent Driver, the only individual prize in this contest.

In the Masters of Armored Vehicles contest among armored vehicle crews held in Ostrogozhsk training area, the Chinese team competed against rivals from Russia, Kazakhstan and Venezuela and won the first place in individual race and the second place in team relay race.

The Maintenance Battalion contest was held in Omsk from August 5 to 10 among teams from China, Russia and Kazakhstan. After competing in the individual race, firing competition, military sports and mixed relay race, the Chinese team won the runner-up of the contest.

The Gunsmith Master contest among maintenance platoons concluded in Penza Region of Russia on August 9. The Chinese team won the runner-up of the competition.

In the Open Water contest among pontoon bridge crews held in Murom, Vladimir Region of Russia, from August 1 to 6, the Chinese team claimed titles of two team events and China ranked the second in the contest following Russia. Serbia took the third place.

In the Clear Sky contest among air defense units held in Yeisky, the Chinese team competed against the other six teams from Russia, Belarus, Venezuela, Serbia, Kazakhstan and Egypt in five stages, and finally won the second place in the whole contest.

The Engineering Formula contest among engineer units was held from August 1 to 10 in Volzhsky, Volgograd Region of Russia. The Chinese servicemen team competed against rivals from Russia and Kazakhstan and won the first place in the individual race and second place in the relay race. The Chinese team is the overall runner-up in this competition.

In the Masters of Artillery Fire contest among mortar crews held from August 1 to 11 in Kazakhstan, the Chinese team, following Kazakhstan and Russia, ranked the third among five participating teams.

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