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Opinion: It is urgent to build cyber territorial defense force in China

(Source: China Military Online)   2014-01-07

  BEIJING, January 6 (ChinaMil) – It is urgent to build cyber territorial defense force in view of the severe network safety situations in China, appealed Wu Jiangxing, expert in computer and network technology, former president of the PLA Information Engineering University, and academician with the China's Academy of Engineering.

  Wu Jiangxing made the above statement when attending the interview program titled “Strengthening Army in Academicians' eyes” by

  With the development of the times, the cyber space has gradually become the fifth battlefield space after the land, the sea, the air and the outer space. Major countries are all speeding up the building of their own cyber warfare forces and include the force as a key component to safeguard national security.

  In 2010, the U.S. Cyber-warfare Headquarters was officially set up with four subordinate units and nearly 1,000 personnel. Other countries like Russia, Israel, Republic of Korea (ROK) and India made no secret that they own powers for cyber warfare.

  However, China has no cyber-warfare force even today, according to a regular press conference of the Ministry of National Defense (MND) of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in February 2013.

  According to Wu Jiangxing, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has not taken the responsibility to protect and defend the national information technology facilities and cyberspace security. “In other words, the cyberspace of China is an undefended area, which makes it vulnerable to junk information and hacker attacks,” Wu said.

  Wu claimed that China’s defense for its national information technology facilities has just begun. However, it still lags far behind from the U.S. in terms of scale and maturity, as compared to the large-scale serial Cyber Storm exercises in the U.S. in recent years which featured unified actions throughout the country.

  Wu believed China needs to cultivate territorial defense concept in cyberspace and establish a cyber-warfare force for it.

  He said: “The cyber-warfare force is the same with other military troops in nature. It should be capable of both attacking and defending, consist of both regular army and reserve ones, and have support in overall technical deployment and related strategies and tactics.”

  “Strengthening Army in Academicians' eyes” was jointly made by the PLA Branch Office under Xinhua News Agency and It aims to probe into the historical changes and latest developments of national defense and army building and share the professional perspectives of academicians on current key military operations and hot social topics.

  By Yang Lei and Zheng Wenhao

Editor:Zhang Tao
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