Expert: China will have more destroyers if more aircraft carriers are commissioned

Source: China Military OnlineEditor: Yao Jianing
2016-07-05 18:02

The picture shows a screenshot of the website of The National Interest.

BEIJING, July 5 (ChinaMil) -- The Chinese Navy will have more destroyers as more aircraft carriers are commissioned, which is required by systemic combat, military expert Cao Weidong said in an interview with CCTV's Asia Today program.

The website of American bimonthly The National Interest published an article June 25 titled "The five most powerful navies of 2030". The article claimed that the five strongest navies in 2030 will be from the U.S., Britain, China, India and Russia, and the most critical factor is aircraft carrier and ballistic missile submarine.

According to the article, Currently, China has four major ship hulls it seems to be content with: the Type 052D guided-missile destroyer, Type 054A frigate, Type 056 corvette and Type 071 amphibious transport. All four are mature designs in large-scale production that will form the bulk of the fleet in 2030.

By one prediction, by 2030 the PLA Navy will have ninety-nine submarines, four aircraft carriers, 102 destroyers and frigates, twenty-six corvettes, seventy-three amphibious ships and 111 missile craft, a whopping 415 ships in total. This would put China in a solid position as the world’s largest navy by number of ships—though not by total ship tonnage, according to the article.

According to analysis, the PLA Navy has launched so many surface vessels to pave the way for more aircraft carriers. Cao Weidong held that if we build more aircraft carriers in the future, when they set sail at the sea, they have to be escorted by destroyers, frigates and submarines.

China doesn't have any cruiser, so it needs large guided-missile destroyers to serve a similar role as America's cruisers. Therefore, we need to build more large guided-missile destroyers to better carry out regional air defense, anti-ship and anti-submarine tasks in the carrier battle group, Cao Weidong believed.

As a result, there will be more destroyers as more aircraft carriers are commissioned, which is required by systemic combat, Cao Weidong concluded.

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