Jane’s: Indonesia tests Chinese-made air-defense system

Source: China Military OnlineEditor: Huang Panyue
2016-08-19 16:34

BEIJING Aug. 19 (ChinaMil) -- A source confirmed that the Indonesian Marine Corps conducted a live-fire testing on Chinese-made Type 90 twin-barreled 35 mm towed anti-aircraft gun on Aug. 12, Jane’s Defense Weekly reported on Tuesday.

The test was conducted at a beach in the Sukabumi regency of West Java. Present at the test site were technicians from China North Industries (NORINCO), manufacturer of this air defense system.

At the test site, the Indonesian military deployed four units of the Type 90 twin 35 mm towed anti- aircraft gun system, one AF902 mobile air-defense fire-control radar system and four mobile power supply units. The components were tested in automatic target acquisition and detection modes.

According to Jane's report, the air-defense system made in China is designed to intercept aircraft, low-flying cruise missiles and precision-guided weapons. In addition, it is also able to attack targets on the ground such as light armored vehicles and covered forces.



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