China’s first military air ambulance debuts Is China deploying its own missile defense system? Xi Jinping bestows military honors Chinese warships conduct drill in Sea of Japan
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Xi vows to promote China-Myanmar partnership
Chinese leaders attend opening of minority art festival
Xi calls for advancing Belt and Road Initiative
Chinese president to host Hangzhou G20 summit
Xi to attend, chair G20 summit in Hangzhou

Djibouti base not for power
Djibouti Foreign Minister Mahamoud Ali Youssouf said on August 16 that the country welcomes China's presence in Djibouti, "just as we previously welcomed forces from the US, NATO, France, the UK, Italy, and Japan, who are present in our country."

Is China deploying its own missile defense system?
Anti-missile test technology is advancing every second and all of the world's major powers are accelerating their development. If our technology is a little stagnant, China will not secure its place at the world area, let alone the capacity to win a war.

Expert: U.S. amphibious assault ship in East China Sea to pressure China
The amphibious assault ship USS Bonhomme Richard was patrolling around the East China Sea on August 14. In an interview with CCTV program Focus Today, a military expert said the U.S. Navy sent USS Bonhomme Richard to the East China Sea to manifest its capability of maintaining frontline presence and to pressure China.

Djibouti base not for power
Is China deploying its own missile defense system?
Expert: U.S. amphibious assault ship in East China Sea to pressure China
Foreign media: China's first indigenous aircraft carrier nearing completion
Jane’s: Indonesia tests Chinese-made air-defense system
Expert: U.S. military threat to China in South China Sea useless
New tank to be pillar of nation's fleet
Rear admiral: U.S. B-1 strategic bomber in South China Sea no worry
U.S. warship visit 'eases tensions'
U.S. Media: Pushing China into a Corner Is Dangerous
Foreign media: massive Chinese military keeps Japan at permanent disadvantage
Ramos' China visit marks Manila's first step in right direction over South China Sea
Patrols intensify around Diaoyu
China, Russia will by no means compromise on their security interests
Expert: Three Naval fleets' drill tests China's military reform results
Hot-headed Seoul skating on thin ice with THAAD plan
Expert: Deploying THAAD the worst strategy for ROK
THAAD deployment damages Beijing-Seoul mutual trust, cooperation
Russian media: China’s latest chemical reconnaissance vehicle to compete in Russia
China Voice: Strong army, reform usher in new era for PLA
THAAD deployment ties Seoul onto U.S. chariot, poisons regional stability
Expert: THAAD cannot enhance U.S. sense of security
Commentary: Uncle Sam's hidden agenda behind THAAD deployment
PLA Daily: U.S., ROK must stop deployment of THAAD missile battery
"Trouble making alliance", please stop making trouble in South China Sea
Expert: Attempts to spoil South China Sea will fail
Expert: China-made AG600 can reach any corner of South China Sea anytime
Why Israeli Air Force did well in several Middle East Wars?
U.S. media: PLA Navy to top the world in 2020
Expert: China will decide how to construct islands and reefs by itself
Jane’s: China’s new howitzer can be deployed within 3 minutes
Commentary: Only countries in the region should define order in S. China Sea
Ex-minister: Provocations prompted naval drill
Commentary: China not alone in South China Sea issue
Expert: PLA Air Force can cover whole South China Sea
Freedom of navigation no excuse of military drills in South China Sea: expert
Biased award in South China Sea arbitration has no binding force: expert
Face-to-face meeting can chart safer course
Beijing 'will never' halt island work
China-U.S. ties should not be marred by South China Sea issue: experts
Russian media: China's customized tanks to debut in Int'l Army Games
South China Sea arbitral tribunal null and void: Chinese ambassador
PLA Daily: South China Sea no place for U.S. to rehearse strategic plot
PLA Daily: Chinese military believes in reason, not fallacy
Military expert: Destroyer Yinchuan may join aircraft carrier battle group
Retired General: U.S. slaps itself on South China Sea issue
People's Daily: S. China Sea arbitration case is just political farce
PLA Daily: Illegal award no way to infringe upon China's sovereignty
South China Sea arbitration award solves nothing: senior European parliamentarian
South China Sea arbitration abuses international law: Chinese scholar
THAAD a threat to peace and regional order
People’s Daily: Deployment of THAAD missile battery in ROK will hurt Asia Pacific
Expert: Arbitration won't change iron-clad facts
The right to reject tribunal ruling is real
Commentary: Philippines wise to draw experience from U.S. bloody record of intervention
Commentary: U.S. should stop treating South China Sea as next Caribbean
Commentary: U.S. cold-war mentality not solution to South China Sea issue
South China Sea arbitration to set "serious, wrong and bad example": Chinese ambassador
Expert: Muscle-flexing acts reveal United States' gangster logic
Expert: Japan’s provocations in East China Sea are suicidal
Confidence of military emphasized
People's Daily: U.S. should refrain from touching China's bottom line on South China Sea issue
Air force puts large transport aircraft Y-20 into service
China's participation in RIMPAC exercise helps boost cooperation: commander
Naval drill is fully within country's 'sovereign rights'
China Voice: South China Sea, a pseudo "hot-spot issue"
China’s active main battle warships to join exercises in South China Sea
China slams Vietnam on protest over military drills
Response to 'fully depend' on Manila
Expert: China will have more destroyers if more aircraft carriers are commissioned
South China Sea dispute suggests U.S. efforts to contain China: Italian expert
Arbitration case cannot deplete China's historical rights
PLA Daily: European defense cooperation to be "reshuffled"
Official: South China Sea exercise part of 'annual plan'
Commentary: Loss outweighs gains for Japan's stubborn meddling in South China Sea
Commentary: Smearing China not help resolve South China Sea disputes
China-Russia joint maritime exercise may be held in S. China Sea
RimPac shows China-U.S. ties are manageable
Manic South China Sea arbitration melting foundation of int'l order
China's ambassador to Great Britain: China is not trying to "rule the waves"

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