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Why does China need a new body to address veteran issues?
Addressing veteran issues in the build-up of a modernized military is key to building a strong army for achieving China's national rejuvenation.
03-16 10:11:12
Chinese veterans’ rights will be better protected
The Ministry of Veterans Affairs to be established in accordance with the plan to deepen the reform of Party and State institutions is a historic step to implement the strategy to build a powerful military.
03-15 10:10:48
US unable to make big strategic designs to maintain its global hegemony
Gerald Siegel from the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies published an article titled "Does China Matter?" in the American magazine Foreign Affairs in 1999, in which he described China as a small potato in the global economy, a second-rate military power, and politically "insignificant".
03-16 12:32:58
Experts: Rise of China transcends major power confrontation logic
The rise and revival of contemporary China should be able to surpass the confrontational logic of traditional major powers in modern times based on the long historical cycle and the development of international power in the future.
03-13 16:30:24
China's military budget needs to be viewed fairly
If China's military expenditure reaches a considerable amount, the world will become more peaceful rather than more chaotic.
03-11 21:42:27
How China should respond to dramatic Korean Peninsula changes
China will welcome the dialogue between the US and North Korea, and resolutely support North Korea securing its due interests in the process of denuclearization.
03-09 16:31:28
Chinese army has right to build at Chinese-Indian border: analyst
China has the right to build military facilities within its own territory and complaints from New Delhi made "no sense," a Chinese expert said after the Indian defense minister was quoted as saying that China was building its army presence in Doklam.
03-07 08:31:21
China's military budget ranks world's second, REASONABLE!
"China raises 2018 military budget by 8.1 percent": some international media began to stir the "China threat" again.Several Chinese experts interviewed by our reporters all said that as a major power it is only reasonable for China to increase its military budget to the second in the world.
03-06 17:30:34
China's defense budget increase mainly to develop new weapons
The increase in China's national defense budget will mainly be used to develop new weapons and equipment, improve training conditions, and guarantee military reform and benefits for officers and other personnel.
03-06 16:35:10
China seeks to protect international order
The annual two sessions are on in Beijing and China's diplomacy is one of the leading topics attracting global attention.
03-09 08:32:01
USS Carl Vinson’s Vietnam visit will be to little avail
The US is free to send warships to the South China Sea, which will only waste money. China is much less interested in the USS Carl Vinson's Vietnam visit than American and Vietnamese nationalists.
03-07 08:35:04
Defense budget hike is not out of the ordinary
China's defense budget has become a lightning rod for those keen to claim there is a threat from China, for whatever reason.
03-06 08:48:58
China, India should move beyond Doklam crisis
The Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit to be held in Qingdao, East China's Shandong Province this June, will give Chinese and Indian leaders an opportunity to communicate face to face.
03-02 08:53:30
Of course, China's navy is not untoward in blue water: China Daily editorial
Chinese naval vessels sail outside their home waters on goodwill visits, and to engage in humanitarian and security operations. They are doing nothing out of the ordinary that Tokyo and others should take exception to.
03-02 09:28:25
China's carrier rocket sea launch enhances load capability: analysts
China will launch its carrier rocket from the sea for the first time in 2018, which would allow China to narrow the gap in sea launches.
03-02 08:12:38
Capable of possessing nuclear weapons overnight, Japan's nuclear issue draws attention again
Japanese media recently reported that the Japan-US Nuclear Cooperation Agreement that will terminate in July 2018 was automatically extended on January 16, 2018.
03-02 17:49:26