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Why US, India strategic ties can't sustain
Revolving around the rhetoric of "free and open Indo-Pacific," a newfound exuberance has permeated ties between Washington and New Delhi.
11-21 08:23:17
Indian officials’ visit to disputed border area a political trick: expert
China expressed strong opposition to the visit by two senior Indian officials to a disputed border area with China this month, with a Chinese expert calling it "political tricks" to win votes.
11-21 08:31:16
Missile Dongfeng-41 matures considerably, will serve PLA within months: analysts
China's next-generation intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) - the Dongfeng-41 - could be in the People Liberation Army's (PLA) lineup as early as the first half of 2018.
11-20 08:26:03
Can Sino-South Korean ties evolve in post-THAAD era?
Ties in the post-THAAD era should emphasize fulfilling commitments and regaining trust. This is the only way China and South Korea can look forward to better cooperation.
11-20 08:29:52
Why three U.S. aircraft carriers gather in Asia Pacific again?
Regarding the complex situation on the Korean Peninsula, it is a common knowledge in the international community that military approach is usually the last resort and the least effective one.
11-16 16:24:30
Zimbabwe unlikely to reverse China ties
If Zimbabwe can handle the crisis well and maintain national stability, it will fit the interests of the nation and Africa. The Chinese public would like to see peace in that distant but friendly country.
11-16 15:00:10
Convergence remains on approach to DPRK issue
After US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that China agreed that the DPRK cannot just freeze its nuclear weapons program in exchange for benefits, China clarified on Thursday that this was not a change to its position that its "dual suspension" proposal is the best "first step" for defusing the crisis.
11-17 08:28:04
Expert: U.S. won't retreat from South China Sea easily
The U.S. has long-term and low-cost chips to "hijack" the South China Sea issue. Therefore, we must adopt a long-term view about the South China Sea game between China and the U.S. and not be swayed by temporary and short-term situations. The way to solve the South China Sea issue is long and hard.
11-15 15:37:08
China's new manned submersible to be used to explore South China Sea: expert
China's new manned submersible Shenhai Yongshi, or "deep sea warrior," will be used to explore the biological resources and geological conditions in the South China Sea, a Chinese expert said Tuesday.
11-15 08:09:08
S.China Sea doesn't need outside 'help'
The South China Sea should become the world's safest sea lane under the most active international cooperation, instead of a geopolitical playing field dominated by the US. Washington needs to exercise strategic restraint in the region rather than acting willfully.
11-14 09:01:09
China and ASEAN can safeguard stability in South China Sea
Developments over the past few days reveal the broadening consensus among the members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and China that they, and they alone, are ones who should get their maritime house in order, and they are fully capable of doing so.
11-14 08:14:59
Presence of US warships may provoke NK, say experts
The presence of three US aircraft carriers in the western Pacific amid US President Donald Trump's visit to Asia may provoke North Korea and further strain the situation on the Korean Peninsula, Chinese experts said Thursday.
11-10 09:21:48
PLA Air Force's flight incident rate less than 0.1 per 10k flight hours
Increasing the military's openness and transparency is an important way of "deepening trust and dismissing doubts", It will help other countries in the world to have a correct perception of the Chinese military, expert said.
11-09 18:31:42
America, obsessed with military power
Actually, everyone knows how powerful the American military is, so it doesn't have to flex muscles everywhere, which will only create the opposite effect.
11-08 17:13:11
US and DPRK should come to the table to resolve crisis
Beijing has repeatedly encouraged the United States and the DPRK to carry out direct dialogue as this is the only way to increase their understanding of each other's positions.
11-08 09:08:41
Trump visit predicted to be 'historic'
The first state visit of US President Donald Trump to China, which starts on Wednesday, is expected to be a "historic" success with joint efforts made by the two nations, senior diplomats of both sides said.
11-08 08:30:50