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China should enhance presence in Indian Ocean to counter India’s missile tests
India's latest test of an ICBM, allegedly nuclear capable, poses a direct threat to China's security as well as a big challenge to the global efforts of nuclear-nonproliferation, a Chinese missile expert warned Thursday.
01-19 17:24:17
China readying new catapult for 3rd aircraft carrier: experts
China is likely to use an electromagnetic catapult for fighter jets on its third aircraft carrier, experts said on Thursday.
01-19 08:20:15
What Japan intends to do by setting up space, cyberspace and electronic warfare command
Under the background of Japan's right-wing denial and beautification of the history of aggression, any move by Japan in the military field can easily lead to turmoil in the region and therefore the international community should keep a close eye for Japan.
01-18 18:05:17
It's 'time to test the sincerity' of parties to peninsula issue
Foreign Minister Wang Yi said "it is time to test the sincerity" of parties involved in the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue because every time the tension there eases, disturbing and harmful actions arise.
01-18 08:23:50
Indian army must tone down hawkish rhetoric
The Indian army seems to have failed to learn its lesson from the Doklam standoff. If India continues making provocations, it should expect harsh punishment from the Chinese army. Confronting China entails an unbearably high strategic cost for India. New Delhi should cherish the amicable policy adopted by Beijing.
01-17 08:10:08
Japan needs concrete actions to improve Chinese-Japanese relations
China and Japan are close neighbors separated by a strip of water. The long-term healthy and stable development between the two countries conforms to the interests of the two countries and their people and is also conducive to regional peace and stability.
01-16 17:45:42
China should prepare for more Indian border clashes: expert
China will exercise its rights in the Doklam area and safeguard territorial sovereignty, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said on Monday in response to Indian Army Chief Gen Bipin Rawat's remarks that India is preparing for "pressure along border areas" from China.
01-16 08:11:45
China should keep clear stance toward Japan after Diaoyu incident: expert
China should closely watch Japan's move related to the Diaoyu Islands even though the country's leader has shown friendliness toward China, a Chinese expert warned after two Japanese military vessels entered Diaoyu Islands' waters.
01-12 08:34:53
China, Cambodia urge early COC adoption for S.China Sea
A joint communiqué from China and Cambodia calling for an early adoption of the COC in the South China Sea will help ensure regional stability as cooperation is the prevailing voice in the region, a Chinese sea expert said Thursday.
01-12 08:36:12
India should prioritize ties with China for its own interests: expert
India should understand that a good relationship with China is one of its priorities for the country's own interests, a Chinese expert said after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi aggressively showcased India as an alternative to China.
01-12 08:37:22
China, France enter new era with state visit
French President Emmanuel Macron's visit to China not only made him the first European leader to visit China since last fall's 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, but also marked his first state visit to Asia since he won the election last year.
01-11 08:53:03
China's new landing ship useful in island dispute: expert
Another Type 071 landing ship from the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy came into the limelight on Wednesday with military experts saying such ships could enhance military advantages in dealing with potential island disputes.
01-11 08:27:46
China 'happy' for high-level talks by DPRK and ROK
Beijing says it "feels happy" to see improved relations between the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the Republic of Korea after the two sides held high-profile talks.
01-10 08:25:12
Opening new air routes no threat to Taiwan
The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) announced on Thursday that it is opening four routes over the Taiwan Straits, including the south-to-north M503 route and three connecting regional routes.
01-10 08:30:31
China's aircraft carrier's first training in 2018 triggers speculations
A Chinese PLA Navy fleet led by the aircraft carrier Liaoning set sail for its first training in the year of 2018 without releasing any official information in advance. The fleet's training information was instead unveiled by Taiwan.
01-10 17:57:44
Stay vigilant on Japan’s military expansion under disguise of self-defense
Several Japanese media recently reported that the Japanese Defense Ministry plans to transform the "Izumo" helicopter destroyer into an aircraft carrier carrying F-35B fighter jets.
01-09 18:28:28