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Latest missile test shows country can respond to aircraft carriers, THAAD
China's successful test of a new type of guided missile in the Bohai Sea killed two birds with one stone, experts told the Global Times, as the launch shows China can attack both aircraft carriers and the U.S. THAAD missile defense system deployed in South Korea.
05-11 15:05:48
Experts weigh in on what to expect from China's next two aircraft carriers
The construction of aircraft carriers will not stop after the commissioning of the country's recently-launched second carrier, experts say.
05-10 15:09:23
China's odyssey to aircraft carrier
While intensifying its research on developing new aircraft carriers, China should learn from successful models to build larger and more sophisticated carriers with steam or magnetic catapult systems and nuclear propulsion systems in the near future.
05-09 10:43:25
Abe aims to unchain Japan from the postwar regime
The Japanese Constitution "represents the shape of our country, and it should describe Japan's ideal future," Abe told the LDP's annual convention on March 5, making it clear that he aims to unchain Japan from the post-World War II regime.
05-08 09:23:54
Escorting US warships, what is Japan's intention?
The Japanese government sent the quasi-aircraft carrier Izumo-class helicopter destroyer under its Maritime Self-defense Force to escort the US supply ships in high profile on May 1, 2017, based on the security legislation passed in July 15 in 2015.
05-04 16:19:01
South China Sea issue grows 'positive'
The situation in the South China Sea issue has cooled down and the issue "is developing in a positive way", the Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday.
05-03 22:23:57
Commentary: Visit of Chinese warships boosts relations with Philippines
flotilla of three Chinese naval ships wrapped up its goodwill visit to the Philippines on Tuesday, leaving in its wake blooming friendship and aspirations to enhance relations between the two countries.
05-03 08:22:54
Responsible actions needed to ensure peace of Korean Peninsula
Given the continued escalation of tensions on the Korean Peninsula over the past months, all concerned parties should implement the resolutions adopted by the UN Security Council in a more strict manner and return to peaceful negotiations, the People’s Daily said in an editorial published on Sunday.
05-03 08:11:27
South China Sea should not block regional cooperation
A Chinese naval fleet completed a three-day visit to the Philippines on Monday. The first such visit in seven years provides the latest proof of the two countries' resolve to continuously expand bilateral interaction and deepen political mutual trust.
05-03 08:27:07
Time for West to discard mindset of 'China threat'
It is advisable that the West discard its old-fashioned mindset of "China threat," as China's peaceful rise needs not only its own efforts but also a friendly external environemnt that facilitates coordination and cooperation from other countries.
04-30 17:19:28
US should sincerely address root cause of Korean Peninsula nuclear issue
Taking into consideration the concerns of all the parties involved and the actual situation on the Peninsula, China has proposed a "dual-track" settlement by which denuclearization on the Peninsula is swapped for an armistice and peace mechanism. This is a practical way to resolve the crisis.
04-30 17:17:27
China exporting more submarines
China's exported submarines are relatively cheap but offer advanced technology, and designs for some of their features could be modified to meet customers' requirements, making them more competitive in the global market, an expert said Thursday.
04-28 15:44:43
Chinese fighter swoops into world market
China conducted the maiden flight of its dual-seat FC-1B trainer/fighter jet on Thursday morning, aiming to seize a bigger share of the global military aircraft market. Currently, Pakistan is the only confirmed user of the FC-1, with more than 80 aircraft delivered to the Pakistan Air Force, according to Pakistani media.
04-28 14:54:49
China's aircraft carrier will help safeguard core interests, sovereignty
China will build more aircraft carriers with more sophisticated technology, and will someday build a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier with an Electromagnetic Catapult System, Li said. But we need to start from the basics and enhance the development of carriers step by step, he said.
04-27 08:22:40
New carrier does not mean change to defense policy
The launch on Wednesday of China's first totally home-built aircraft carrier marks a major step forward for its military modernization, and highlights the technical progress the country has made over the past several decades. Criticizing China for adding aircraft carriers to its naval capabilities simply raises the question of why it should be a concern to those questioning an action that is long overdue.
04-26 21:46:56
Fears over aircraft carriers uncalled for
Ever since its first aircraft carrier, the CNS Liaoning, was commissioned in 2012 China has been trying to build such vessels using domestic technology. Yet recent media reports saying China may soon launch its first domestically built aircraft carrier have drawn wide national and international attention.
04-26 10:48:05