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China never backs down in defending sovereignty
China and India are two developing giants with a wide range of common interests. A sensible bilateral relationship will definitely benefit over two billion people. But Chinese people will never back down in defending sovereignty and no country should underestimate China's resolve.
08-17 10:44:06
Chinese captain: "Joint Sea 2017" drill more pragmatic
Wang Xianjun, captain of the guided-missile frigate Sanya of the Chinese PLA Navy, said that the Joint Sea drills of the Russian and Chinese naval forces have breakthroughs and new achievements every year.
08-16 17:49:16
PLA determined to safeguard period of strategic opportunity
Just before the 90th anniversary of the founding of the PLA, top leader Xi Jinping told the parading troops on July 30 at the military training base in Zhurihe in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region that the PLA had to build itself into a world-class elite force that can fight and win. The question is – how can it accomplish that?
08-16 15:34:50
Tokyo should heed voices of people calling for reflection on war
The Japanese government and authorities should pay heed to the calls for reflection upon its past aggressive war from all peace-loving people.
08-15 21:00:38
What if Nazi war criminals were worshiped in Germany?
As the 72nd anniversary of Japan's surrender in World War II comes on Tuesday, an old topic brings into people's mind again -- Tokyo's ambiguity on its war crimes versus the sincerity of Germany's reflection.
08-15 15:53:56
U.S., Japan, S Korea forming military alliance as a strategy to put pressure on China
Chinese experts warned that the U.S., Japan and South Korea have set aside their differences to unite militarily against North Korea's nuclear weapons threat.
08-14 12:32:21
Indian military's seven "sins" in trespassing into Chinese territory
Nearly two months have passed since Indian troops illegally crossed the China-India boundary in Sikkim Sector, and there is no sign of withdrawal so far.
08-09 20:42:23
No room to play with fire on Korean Peninsula issue
Reality has shown that tough tit-for-tat confrontations can lead nowhere, and that only dialogue can help address reasonable security concerns of the related parties for a solution acceptable to all, ensure denuclearization on the peninsula and bring a lasting peace to the entire region.
08-09 20:44:03
Japan issues new defense white paper, makes excuses for military expansion
Japan hypes the China's threat, especially in the East and South China Seas, in its 2017 defense white paper to show its willingness to cooperate with the U.S. to contain China, shift its domestic political crisis and make excuses for Japan's constant military expansion, Chinese experts said.
08-09 14:44:00
India must not flirt with disaster
India should underestimate neither China's determination nor its capacity to defend its sovereignty and national interests.
08-08 22:43:54
South China Sea needs cooperation, not outside interference
The South China Sea is set for peace and more development to benefit the people of China and ASEAN countries, and it is time for non-regional countries to abandon their indiscretion.
08-08 22:40:09
Japan's defense white paper for 2017 once again muds China's normal maritime activities
Japan's cabinet approved a defense white paper for 2017 on Tuesday, which, while summarizing Japan's defense policy changes, once again devoted a large part to mudding China's normal maritime activities to justify Japan's own militarization.
08-08 13:36:44
Time for Vietnam to readjust attitude and promote peace in South China Sea
It is high time that Vietnam readjusts its approach and attitude, and sincerely joins the efforts of regional countries to promote peace and common prosperity in the South China Sea.
08-08 16:51:18
New missile a more mobile deterrent
The military said the new ballistic missile and the older DF-31A, which also appeared in Sunday's parade, represent China's status as a world power and the country's defense prowess. It called them "trump cards" in strategic deterrence.
08-07 07:25:04
China's territorial sovereignty brooks no invasion
As a strong pillar of the nation, the PLA is obligated and devoted to safeguarding our territory.
08-04 16:09:14
Commentary: Why China cannot back down in the Doklam standoff
The military standoff between China and India in the Doklam region has lasted for almost two months now, and there is still no end in sight.
08-04 16:21:37