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China's aircraft carrier will help safeguard core interests, sovereignty
Although our aircraft carriers can strengthen our military power if we have to solve the Taiwan Question by force, there are more important missions in the open seas.
04-27 08:22:40
New carrier does not mean change to defense policy
Criticizing China for adding aircraft carriers to its naval capabilities simply raises the question of why it should be a concern to those questioning an action that is long overdue.
04-26 21:46:56
Fears over aircraft carriers uncalled for
Ever since its first aircraft carrier, the CNS Liaoning, was commissioned in 2012 China has been trying to build such vessels using domestic technology. Yet recent media reports saying China may soon launch its first domestically built aircraft carrier have drawn wide national and international attention.
04-26 10:48:05
PLA group armies to get greater role
A largely overlooked official report has uncovered the latest changes in China's group armies, which suggests the groups will consist of different corps in the future, experts said.
04-25 08:09:34
Navy training exercises deemed success
The Chinese Navy has disclosed a series of exercises and missions carried out this month as part of long-term efforts to hone the operational capabilities of its combat forces.
04-25 08:13:03
PLA navy expands mission, protects interest in open seas
The Chinese navy has expanded its capability to not only safeguard the country's coastal areas, but also to secure China's interests in the open seas, 68 years after the establishment of the PLA navy, experts said.
04-24 09:15:46
China eyes building more aircraft carriers
As a country with an 18,000 kilometer-long coastline and vast maritime resources under its watch, China needs to build a strong navy to protect its sovereignty and maritime interests, safeguard the security of strategic maritime channels and engage in international cooperation amid mounting maritime disputes and challenging maritime safety conditions.
04-21 08:25:11
Adolf Hitler cannot teach Japan peace
If Japan needs to extend the range of its school textbooks, A Farewell to Arms, an Ernest Hemingway classic on the grim reality of war, would be a far better choice.
04-20 18:22:53
Early THAAD rollout decried
Beijing has urged "an immediate halt" to deployment of the U.S. Terminal High Altitude Area Defense anti-missile system in the Republic of Korea after Washington and Seoul agreed on its early deployment.
04-18 14:51:38
Naval forces save commercial ship from pirate attack
Chinese naval sailors saved a Panamanian ship on Saturday night that had come under attack from pirates in the Gulf of Aden, the second such rescue mission this month, China's Defense Ministry said on Sunday.
04-17 17:25:35
War can be avoided, but further restraint needed
If ordering the missile strike on Syrian targets, dropping the "mother of all bombs" in Afghanistan, and assembling a war-ready armada off the Korean Peninsula were all meant to convey Donald Trump's message that things are different with him in the White House, what happened Saturday might well be Kim Jong-un's way of saying "message received".
04-17 17:08:24
With China's help, it is not dangerous for DPRK to abandon nuclear weapons and open up
It is advised that Pyongyang observe China’s advice of announcing the suspension of nuclear activities and gradually abandon nuclear weapons, and China will play a positive role in safeguarding the security of the DPRK’s state and regime after the abandonment.
04-13 17:00:06
Drone to soar on market: Expert
China is the largest exporter of military drones today, and it is ready to place a new model on the international market.
04-05 15:08:36
PLA drills a warning to Myanmar border conflict
The live-fire drills of the PLA in Southwest China's Yunnan Province near the Myanmar border on Tuesday serves as a warning to both the Myanmar government and ethnic militias that their conflict should not cross over to China, Chinese experts said.
03-30 09:59:32
PLA Daily: Be alert to revival of Japanese militarism
The "ambition" of the Abe government and right-wing Japanese politicians poses an immense threat to regional security, peace and stability.
03-29 17:28:51
With homemade aircraft carrier, Chinese navy may see major restructuring
China's first indigenous aircraft carrier has once again made headlines recently.
03-29 17:13:36