US reconnaissance ships in South China Sea, inappropriate and unwelcomed
The US, regardless of the norms of international relations and international law, has frequently conducted maritime situation awareness operations in the South China Sea, during which provocative military exercises and training have been seen now and again. This has fully domenstrated that the US' security concept has been deeply trapped in the dangerous zero-sum game pattern and cold war mentality.
12-07 19:51:36
America's "China nuclear threat" clamor resembles thief crying "stop thief"
To fabricate the so-called "China threat" as an excuse to ask Congress for more military budget, the DoD has cooked up this lie-strewn report based on hearsay and wild imagination without mentioning where the data came from. This typical stunt of a thief crying "stop thief" is aimed at covering up the following disgraceful actions in the area of nuclear arms control and non-proliferation.
12-07 18:24:23
UK-France conflict bears heavily on European situation
Recently the UK and France traded barbs intensely regarding the appointment of the next NATO secretary general. This not only reflected the long-standing conflicts between the two countries but also revealed their widely different strategies.
12-06 19:34:39
NATO attempts to win over Japan and ROK amid layout in Asia-Pacific
In fact, fabricating the "China Threat Theory", creating and exaggerating regional tensions, and undermining the peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region not only harm the interests of China and other countries in the region, but also harm the interests of Japan, the ROK, Australia and New Zealand.
12-06 22:34:09
Let people in Okinawa decide future of Okinawa
The local people in Okinawa and people of insight have always had a positive will for peace. Okinawa Governor Denny Tamaki said in an interview not long ago that "war must never happen again" because it will bring people back to a disaster.
12-05 19:48:32
Experts at Xiangshan Forum: Chinese, American militaries must step up crisis control
The China-US military relationship is a key variable that cannot be bypassed when it comes to peace and stability in the Asia Pacific region. The recent meeting between Chinese and American defense ministers is generally regarded as a sign of thawing mil-to-mil relations, but America's passive actions regarding some regional hotspot issues are still worth vigilance.
12-05 18:56:54
Joint aerial strategic patrol promotes China-Russia coordination on military command and support mechanisms
The current China-Russia joint aerial strategic patrol exercises have been normalized, aiming to strengthen all-round cooperation between the Chinese and Russian militaries and effectively maintain peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region.
12-03 11:54:00
US Space Force expands faster
It's worth noting that these countries looked to the US while forming their own space operation forces or enacting space documents, hoping to enhance their space combat capacities through intensified military cooperation with Big Brother, including strengthening information exchange, coordinating military demand in the space, and conducting joint operations.
12-02 20:52:33
Jin Yinan: US Army's New Field Manual indicates multi-domain operations a reality
In general, the FM 3-0 recently released by the US is not a simple matter of political theory or military theory. These theories are all supported by modern high-tech. It is technical factors that really promote changes in military theory and combat methods.
12-01 22:23:32
Poland's decline of German air defense system reflects deeper rift
Following the Poland missile incident, Germany was ready to provide Poland with the Patriot air defense system, but the Polish defense minister later said they had requested Germany to deploy the system in Ukraine. The two countries have been constantly at odds recently.
12-01 16:05:55
Mixed feelings about defense cooperation for EU members
Most EU members are also NATO members, and some of them have bilateral or multilateral military relations with the US for the latter's strong clout and control in NATO. This, combined with America's superiority in military technologies, has inclined some EU members towards the US for defense cooperation.
11-30 18:54:49
NATO's aircraft carrier gathering rocks regional security
The Russia-Ukraine conflict is at a subtle moment now. Against such a background, NATO’s aircraft carrier ‘gathering’ to flex its maritime combat muscles carries a strong message – to reinforce solidarity internally and enhance deterrence against Russia externally
11-29 18:32:44
Canada's 'Indo-Pacific Strategy' is overambitious, full of confusion: Global Times editorial
The Canadian government released its so-called Indo-Pacific Strategy on November 27. The title itself is telling evidence that Canada is copying the US.For pragmatic and rational Canadians, there is nothing to look forward to in this document. The document not only harms Canada's interests, but also hurts the dignity of the country.
11-29 10:27:52
US plans cognitive campaign against China, showing serious strategic anxiety
Unlike the Cold War period when the US consciously invested all its resources in confrontation and competition with the Soviet Union, the US has a lot of troubles now and it is unable to take care of itself. Despite all these, the US still wants to confront China and it can only be implemented through the internal resources of the administrative departments. This shows that such an approach may not achieve the desired results.
11-29 17:22:30
End of Operation Barkhane reflects France's adjusted Africa strategy
With the rising anti-France sentiments in local areas, and the anti-terror dilemma, Paris has successively withdrawn military forces from the region this year. However, instead of representing a thorough wash-hands of the matter, the move is more a "tactical adjustment" than a "strategic withdrawal".
11-28 16:52:24
Canada curries Washington's favor with anti-China 'Indo-Pacific' strategy
Canada launched its long-anticipated "Indo-Pacific" strategy on Sunday, outlining 2.3 billion Canadian dollars ($1.7 billion) in spending to boost military and cyber security in the region and vowed to deal with a "disruptive" China, while working with it on climate change and trade issues.
11-28 23:30:21