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Nuke deployment in South Korea worsens situation
As the Trump administration shows a withering stance toward the US alliance system, how the US handles its security relations with Japan and South Korea merits close scrutiny.
09-23 22:31:50
Abe has taken the military path to failure
The Abe administration has breached the peace commitment Japan made to the world and deviated from its peaceful development road. History is witness that those intoxicated with power or military are doomed to failure.
09-23 17:38:30
Changing name of Diaoyu Islands won't prevent Japan from declining
The Diaoyu Islands are an integral part of Chinese territory. However, the Japanese fuss about them will be of no avail as China rises. While Japan appears to be waning in major-country competition, any move toward the Diaoyu Islands won't help prevent it from declining.
09-22 07:42:45
China-Russia drills a boon to mutual trust
The two neighbors' regularized joint drills are more of a boon to mutual trust and regional order, and do not necessarily target a third party.
09-21 15:58:48
Chinese fighter jets to control drones in battle by satellite in five years: experts
China's fifth-generation stealth fighters J-20 and J-31 will be capable of mobilizing the drones for battle by serving as their control platforms, Xu Yongling, a retired PLA chief test pilot, said at a recent defense seminar.
09-20 07:40:23
Game of assurance for peninsula peace
How should the United States deal with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea?
09-20 08:37:49
Seoul should recognize it is in same boat as Beijing
The ROK should reconsider its approach to its own security and instead of relying on the US, it should work to restore relations with China, as together they can work to ease the tensions that continue to dangerously escalate.
09-19 07:37:01
Japan has to truly reflect upon invasive history: scholars
"Japan has to truly reflect upon its invasive history, otherwise it won't be able to rebuild trust with its Asian neighbors," said Masahito Sato, founder of a civil group in Japan dedicated to studying the history of Japan's invasion of China's Hainan Island during World War II.
09-18 15:47:57
PLA Newspaper stresses remembering war history for justice
The article further called for efforts to consolidate national defense and build a strong army for the Chinese nation's survival and security.
09-18 15:45:43
China-Russia joint navy drill to enhance strategic partnership
"Conducting such joint drills could also enhance the strategic partnership between China and Russia, helping them cooperate in case of any common crises and making preparations for possible convoy duties along the Arctic sea route," expert said.
09-18 09:13:19
Envoy urges US to talk with DPRK Ambassador
China's envoy to Washington has urged the US to do more to resolve the nuclear crisis on the Korean Peninsula, while stressing that the UN resolution on Pyongyang also calls for dialogue and peace talks.
09-18 08:34:47
Give sanctions time to bite, and leave door open to talks
Priority No 1, therefore, is for the international community to work in unison so that the UN sanctions are implemented in full and work as intended, while leaving the door open to talks.
09-18 07:38:35
Denuclearizing Korean Peninsula should avoid tricky loop, find political means
The door to peacefully solving the issue is still open. The parties concerned should genuinely show their political courage, take all opportunities for peace and work together for peace.
09-15 17:15:46
Aviation, space cooperation to benefit China and Russia
Strengthened China and Russia cooperation in aviation and space technologies, including helicopters and rocket engines, will benefit both countries which have strong complementarities in these areas, experts said, while warning that it will take more mutual trust between the two governments to see full benefits.
09-15 08:17:27
PLA Air Force film 'Sky Hunter' demonstrates China's growing military confidence
With the recent rise in military films and dramas, as well as the incredible success of military action film Wolf Warrior 2, it seems that the Chinese military has been growing more open and confident about being in the public eye.
09-15 09:55:28
Ignoring China's security issue not in ROK's interest
The ROK's decision to go ahead displays an open disregard for China's security concerns, for which it will logically receive reciprocal responses. What their country loses then will certainly not be just Chinese tourist spending.
09-14 23:54:59