Upgraded J-20 fighter jet 'overwhelmingly superior' to US F-35: analysts
military observers asserted that an upgraded Chinese J-20 fighter will gain overwhelming superiority over the F-35 in future and that China can fend off all potential threats from what media dubs the "US F-35 friends circle" in the Asia-Pacific region.
01-16 08:19:28
Japan at pains to host American troops despite public opposition
Japan and the U.S. have constantly expanded their military deployments in East Asia, which will only escalate tensions in the region and increase the possibility of regional conflicts.
01-14 21:23:41
Germany is hard to assume leadership role within NATO and EU
Some analysts believe that Germany is committed to playing a more proactive role in the international arena, especially assuming a leadership role within the framework of NATO and EU.
01-11 18:02:42
Comment: Drama on withdrawal of US troops from Syria
Recently, the "drama" on the withdrawal of the US troops from Syria has had its ups and downs. The US President Donald Trump's different rhetoric within half a month adds further confusion to the "drama".
01-09 17:34:54
China's military major force in maintaining world peace, stability: expert
The Chinese military is an important force in maintaining the world's peace and stability, a military expert said on Wednesday.
01-10 00:28:29
China should expect more US provocations
Confronting malicious provocation, China must resolutely clarify our attitude, not being afraid to pay some prices, in order to set up rules that all external forces must respect China's core interests.
01-04 09:15:59
Why Trump withdraws US troops from Syria?
On December 19, the White House announced that the US government has started withdrawing US troops from Syria as the Islamic State (IS) was now defeated.
12-29 16:40:57
China will be the first superpower seeking no hegemony
China upholds a national defense policy which is purely defensive in nature, and its development does not pose a threat to any other country. No matter how far China develops, it will never seek hegemony.
12-20 15:00:08
Sino-Pakistan military ties normal: experts
Defense cooperation between China and Pakistan is a normal and necessary practice which should not be linked to the Belt and Road initiative (BRI), experts said.
12-22 21:23:56
Let China, US meet half way to reduce conflict
Allison's intention of writing the book is not to declare that Beijing and Washington will head toward a war, but to suggest bilateral relations are highly likely to be frosty.
12-19 08:37:55
China and US have reached a crossroad in their relations
During the 40 years of reform and opening-up, China-US relations have made inconceivable progress. But with the rapid development of China, China-US relations have reached a crossroad.
12-17 17:30:23
PLA Daily: US withdrawal from INF Treaty will jeopardize int'l strategic stability
Once the United States "withdraws" from the treaty,so to speak, the strategic balance will be upset and the arms race elevated.
12-11 10:08:52
Expert: If US warship illegally violates Chinese territorial waters again, bump against it
Dai Xu, president of China's Institute of Marine Safety and Cooperation, said he believes that both the South China Sea issue and the Taiwan question will result in more tension in 2019 and was not very optimistic about the coming year.
12-10 17:48:04
PLA Navy to have at least 5 carriers: experts
The PLA Navy will operate at least five aircraft carriers in the near future, including the country's first two nuclear-powered ones that would likely be launched around 2025, Chinese military experts predicted on Wednesday.
12-06 08:49:30
Is Arab–Israeli relations ushering in warm spring?
Egypt and Jordan are the only two Arab countries that have established formal diplomatic relations with Israel since the late 1970s, whereas in recent years, Israel’s relations with Arab countries have become closer since the geopolitical changes in the Middle East.
12-05 17:17:20
Talks and disputes to mark future Sino-US ties
China and the United States agreed to suspend any increase in trade tariffs after a meeting between President Xi Jinping and President Donald Trump on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Saturday.
12-05 08:26:32