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Buzzwords hot in two sessions

(Source: CCTV.com)   2015-03-04


  With the annual political season underway, a number of hot words are being frequently used in relation to the government's work. For more, Jin Yingqiao joins me in the studio.

  Yingqiao, what are these words and what are they about?

  Well, a number of words are being used in relation to China's political arena. "Tigers and flies" and "New Normal" are of course important ones as you mentioned in your own story. And here is a list of words and phrases I've compiled. The first is "The Rule of Law". Advancing the rule of law is a part of the "Four Comprehensives", laid out by President Xi Jinping for national renewal. And for the first time, a plenary session of the CPC Central Committee took rule of law as its central theme last October. Another trending phrase is: Bottom-line Thinking. Xi said in a key meeting that you should always prepare for the worst, so that you are always ready to take the initiative. He said we should not cover up problems and be always sober-minded. Lastly: More Difficult to Touch Interests than Souls. This was said by Premier Li Keqiang in a press conference. He was talking about the difficulty in deepening reform, when you have to touch the vested interests of some groups and people. But he stressed the need for action, because "there's no other choice".


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