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Sino-Russian heavy-lift helicopter project underway

(Source: People's Daily Online)   2016-03-10

Sino-Russian heavy-lift helicopter project underway
A model of a heavy-lift helicopter is displayed at the Third China Helicopter Expo. (File Photo)

China and Russia have conducted the seventh round of negotiations on their joint development of heavy-lift helicopters. Both sides have reached a consensus on the core technology, said Yu Feng, President of AVIC Helicopter Co. Ltd. on Monday.

The talks, held from Feb. 29 to March 4, are of great significance for further promoting strategic cooperation between China and Russia, Yu Feng, also an NPC deputy, told reporters at the ongoing Two Sessions meetings on March 7.

The development of heavy-lift helicopters makes China the third country after Russia and the U.S. to boast the capability. Thus, China has become one of the world's few countries with a complete spectrum of helicopters.

The heavy-lift helicopter, which is currently in the research and development phase, has an maximum take-off weight of 38.2 tons, a maximum cruise speed of 300 kilometers per hour, a service ceiling of 5,700 meters, and a range of 630 kilometers.

It is designed to undertake tasks such as large-scale rescue, vehicle transport, fire transport, personnel transport and other heavy lifting.

China and Russia signed the cooperative framework on the advanced heavy-lift helicopter on May 8, 2015. Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin attended the signing ceremony.

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