Second AM-HEx 2016 joint exercise underway in Thailand


China Military Online
Huang Panyue

A rear admiral of the Chinese PLA Navy shakes hands with Malaysian sevice members during the AM-HEx 2016 joint exercise.
THAILAND, Sept. 8 (ChinaMil) -- The second joint exercise of ASEAN Defense Ministers' Meeting Plus (ADMM-PLUS) on humanitarian aid, disaster relief and military medicine (AM-HEx 2016) was conducted in an all-round way since September 6, 2016.
The Chinese engineer, medical, army aviation, and maritime detachments started and took part in each subject of the exercise respectively.
50 engineering soldiers from the PLA 42nd Group Army participated in two subjects of the exercise, namely search and rescue operations in quarantine areas, and rescue operations in collapsed buildings.
In the rescue operations in quarantine areas, a joint rescue detachment made up of the engineers from China, Thailand, Laos and Singapore, carried out air-sea-land rescue operations simultaneously in order to rescue local people trapped by mountain torrents and debris flow.
Braving the scorching weather, the Chinese engineer detachment carried more than 10 tons of bridge-building equipment to the operation areas and erected a 15-meter-long light steel bridge after two hours of hard work.
As a result, the stranded people, supported by the Chinese rescue soldiers, were immediately sent to the medical center for treatment through the steel bridge.
The exercise assessment groups and the army representatives from various countries on the spot all spoke highly of the Chinese officers and soldiers for their tenacious fighting spirits and outstanding bridge-building skills.
The Chinese participating medical detachment was made up of a total of 40 persons, most of whom were from the General Hospital of the PLA Air Force. This is the first show of the medical service force of the Chinese Air Force on the international military stage, and the Chinese medical detachment is the only medical detachment that set up a second-class field hospital in addition to Thailand, the host country.
The Chinese military medical detachment successively treated more than 40 persons with moderate to severe wounds, and conducted 12 emergency surgical operations, including six surgical operations jointly conducted with the Thai and Russian armies over the past two days.
The Chinese military medical detachment also had active and in-depth exchange of views with the foreign militaries and learned the experience in health service security through the exercise.

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