Chinese, Australian, U.S. soldiers complete survival skills exercise


China Military Online
Yao Jianing


DARWIN, September 9 (ChinaMil) – The Chinese, Australian, and the U.S. soldiers have completed survival skills exercise of the Kowari-2016 Army Skills Joint Training at the Barracks in Darwin of Australia on September 8.


The exercise aims to improve military cooperation, friendship and trust among China, Australia and the United States.


China sent a team of 14 members, including 5 officers, 5 soldiers and 4 commanding officers to the training. Australia sent 10 army officers and soldiers and the U.S. sent five Marines and five army officers and soldiers.


The joint training is conducted in two phases including skills exchange and comprehensive exercise.


The skills exchange phase lasts from August 27 to September 6, during which team members of the three countries in mixed groups have exchanged basic field survival skills such as how to make fire, find water and food and how to identify animals and plants, as well as first aid knowledge.


The field survival comprehensive exercise under complex weather conditions began on September 7 and senior delegations from China and the U.S. were invited to observe the drill.


Officers and soldiers of the three countries have to deal with harsh outdoor weather conditions of Australia, and possible attacks by crocodiles, snakes and worms.


Participants from three countries have formed deep friendship amid the exercise as they overcome difficulties together and fight side by side.

与近两次'科瓦里"相比, 中国参赛官兵今年在技能上得到了全面的提升,并和澳,美官兵取得了更好的交流成果。

Compared with the previous two Kowari exercises, the Chinese officers and soldiers this year have more advanced and comprehensive skills, and can have better communications with their counterparts from Australia and the United States.

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