UN: China showcases courage and fulfills commitment in peacekeeping operations


China Military Online
Zhang Tao


LONDON, Sept, 9 (ChinaMil) -- China's decision on supporting the United Nations (UN) initiative on pushing forward quick deployment of peacekeeping operations is very important, said Hervé Ladsous, UN Under-Secretary General for peacekeeping affairs, in London on September 8, 2016, stressing that China has showcased its courage and fulfilled its commitment to the international community in peacekeeping operations。


Ladsous made the above statement at the press conference for the UN Peacekeeping Ministerial Meeting held in London.


At the meeting, China supported the UN initiative on pushing forward the quick deployment of peacekeeping operations and promised to enable some of its troops to reach the grade of 60-day quick deployment based on the progress of construction of its 8,000-person peacekeeping standby troops.


Among the Permanent Members of the United Nations Security Council, China has sent the biggest number of peacekeeping military personnel. The Chinese peacekeepers are deployed to sinister and dangerous areas, and unfortunately some of them were injured or died not long ago. China has showcased its courage and fulfilled its commitment to the international community in peacekeeping operations, said Ladsous.


China has sent a total of over 33,000 troops to perform the UN peacekeeping missions since it joined the UN peacekeeping operations 26 years ago. At present, about 2,500 Chinese peacekeepers are performing peacekeeping operations in 9 mission areas.


The Peacekeeping Ministerial Meeting of the UN is a subsequent meeting of the 2015 Leaders' Summit on UN Peacekeeping, with the purpose of reviewing the progress of initiate implementation by each party, and discussing such issues as improving the UN peacekeeping operations and increasing the ability to deploy peacekeepers quickly.


The defense ministers from more than 70 countries or their representatives, as well as the representatives of the UN and other international organizations, attended the meeting.