PLA Adjusts Policies on Graduate Student Enrolment


China Military Online
Yao Jianing


BEIJING, September 19 (ChinaMil) -- The graduate student enrolment plan of the PLA's colleges and scientific research institutions in 2017 was recently released, according to relevant department of the leading organ under China's Central Military Commission (CMC) on September 18, 2016.


There are a series of changes in the plan as compared with those of the previous years. The main changes are the reduction of graduate student enrolment scale, optimization of enrolment structure, and standardization of enrolment condition and application procedure. The application, examination and enrolment approval rights have also been delegated to lower-level military units. A leader of the Professional Education Bureau under the CMC Training and Administration Department introduced that to adapt to the requirements of adjustment and reform of the PLA scale and structure, the total numbers of graduate students and doctoral students to be recruited by the PLA colleges and institutions will be reduced in 2017, among whom the number of graduate students will be reduced to 6,000 and that of doctoral students to 1,475, a decrease of 16.7 percent and 19.2 percent year-on-year respectively.


The goals of the enrolment plan in 2017 are to reduce the enrolment of students majoring in science, engineering and medicine, and to increase the recruitment of those majoring in military-related fields, especially the fields that are closely related to construction of new-type combat forces, including strategic early-warning, military aerospace, air defense and anti-missile, information-based operation, and strategic projection.


In addition, the number of graduate students for academic degrees is greatly reduced, and that for professional degrees will be increased. Moreover, the ratio of fresh graduates in the enrolment plan is also greatly reduced, and the ratio of military officers with working experience is increased. According to the relevant policies, fresh graduates from the PLA colleges and fresh graduates among national defense students, who major in military commanding, are prohibited from applying for master degree programs.


The PLA colleges and institutions are not allowed to recruit doctorial students from civilian colleges, and during the adjustment and reform of China’s national defense plan and the military’s structure, the PLA colleges and institutions will suspend enrolment of graduate students from fresh graduates from civilian colleges. It is also made clear that military officers with at least three-year service time in the PLA (including the on-the-job training time after college graduation) are qualified as candidates to be graduate students at the PLA colleges and institutions.


Military officers who are graduate students for professional degrees after passing China’s national unified examination will be cultivated in two forms, namely full-time and part-time educations, instead of the previous single form of full-time education, and they will obtain graduation and academic degree certificates after passing the defense of their academic thesis.


Beginning from 2017, 11 PLA colleges and institutions including the National University of Defense Technology (NUDT) will recruit students for consecutive master and doctoral degrees, and cadets receiving on-the-job training to be medium and high level commanding officers are able to study for professional military master degrees at the colleges where they are now studying. Delegating the application, examination and enrolment approval rights to lower-level military units is a highlight of the policy adjustment on graduate student enrolment at the PLA colleges and institutions.


According to the new regulations, fresh graduates at a PLA college can apply for master degree programs at the college after the assessment and approval by the training department of the college.


National defense students who will graduate in that year can apply to be candidates for graduate students at the PLA colleges and institutions after the assessment by the PLA selection and cultivation offices stationed at the colleges where they now studying and the approval by the training departments of relevant major military units.


The application of military officers in service to be candidates for graduate students at the PLA colleges and institutions should be assessed and approved by the political organs of their PLA troop units at division (brigade) level and confirmed by the political organs of their PLA troop units at corps level.

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