Chinese peacekeeping forces to S. Sudan complete mission handover


China Mlitary Online
Huang Panyue

WAU, South Sudan, Sept. 28 (ChinaMil) -- The campsite of the Chinese peacekeeping engineer detachment to South Sudan (Wau) was cleaned by a sudden heavy rain at dusk of September 26, 2016, local time. The 14th and 15th Chinese peacekeeping forces to South Sudan (Wau) handed over their guard duties on the day.
At the gate of the campsite of the Chinese peacekeeping engineer detachment, four fully-armed soldiers of the 15th Chinese peacekeeping force took over four soldiers of the 14th Chinese peacekeeping force to perform guard duty at the sentry post.
In the past few days, the handover was simultaneously carried out in the camps of the Chinese peacekeeping engineer and medical detachments respectively according to the schedule. It took only three days for the two Chinese peacekeeping forces to complete their handover of 350,000 pieces of materials and equipment in 25 categories. They also carried out in-depth exchange on such work as peacekeeping operations, external contacts and current situations.

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