PLA Navy training ship Zhenghe berths at Port of Suva in Fiji


China Military
Yao Jianing


SUVA, Nov. 12 (ChinaMil) -- The training ship Zhenghe of the Chinese PLA Navy docked at the Port of Suva in Fiji on the morning of December 10, local time, for a replenishment on its way back to China after the goodwill visits to Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand.


Over 100 persons including Chinese Ambassador to Fiji Zhang Ping, representatives of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) and Fiji government, local Chinese nationals and overseas Chinese as well as Chinese students studying in Fiji were at the pier to welcome the training ship. During its stay at the Port of Suva, the training ship will have its equipment overhauled and maintained, the sailors and trainees on the ship will disembark for visit, and the ship will be open to local people.


The Zhenghe training ship is scheduled to depart from the Port of Suva on the morning of December 12 and continue its journey back to China. Located in the central part of the South Pacific Ocean, Fiji is called as the “crossroad” linking various countries in the South Pacific Ocean.


Suva, capital of Fiji, is an important international port and a place for naval and civilian ships sailing in the South Pacific Ocean to replenish their important materials. Naval ships of many countries usually dock at the port for their materials’ replenishment and their sailors’ rest.

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