China opposes Japan's possible exercise for 'Taiwan Strait conflicts'

China Military

BEIJING, Jan. 20 (ChinaMil) -- Regarding the information that the Japan Self-defense Forces (JSDF) will hold exercises for the imaginary Taiwan Strait conflicts, an official from the Chinese Ministry of National Defense (MND) who demanded anonymity told Global Times on January 19 that if the information were true, it would seriously sabotage the China-Japan relations, especially their defense relations.

Japan's Kyodo News reported Thursday that according to sources in the Japanese government, the Japan Ground, Maritime and Air Self-defense Forces will hold table-top exercises from January 23 to 27 simulating joint Japan-US reactions in case of outbreak of military conflicts between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan.

Kyodo News said the exercise will test the JSDF's response to "important events" that impose substantial impacts on Japan's peace and security, as newly defined in the security bills. The exercise will be carried out on table top without dispatching any realistic troops.

The said MND official stated that "we've noticed the report by Kyodo News, if it were true, it would be outright interference in China's internal affairs, a deliberate mischief in cross-Strait relations and a serious sabotage of the relations, especially the defense relations between China and Japan, China is firmly opposed to this. "

"Past experience, if not forgotten, is a guide for the future. Japan should earnestly reflect on its history of aggression, learn lessons from its past and stop playing tricks, otherwise it will suffer from the backfire in the end, " he added.

In 2012, the diplomatic relations between China and Japan fell to a low tide because of the Diaoyu Island issue, and their military exchanges were suspended.


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