Chinese naval escort taskforce visits Kuwait


China Military
Huang Panyue


SHUWAIKH PORT, KUWAIT, Feb. 3 (ChinaMil) -- A Chinese naval escort taskforce arrived at the Shuwaikh Port of Kuwait on the 1st of February and started its five-day goodwill visit to Kuwait. This is Chinese naval escort taskforce's second visit to Kuwait.


The 24th Chinese naval escort fleet, consisting of the guided-missile destroyer Harbin (Hull 112), the guided-missile frigate Handan (Hull 579) and the comprehensive supply ship Dongpinghu (Hull 960), entered the Shuwaikh Port on 9:00 am this Wednesday, local time.


More than 500 people, including Chinese Ambassador to Kuwait Wang Di together with other staff members of the Chinese Embassy in Kuwait, working staff of China-funded institutions, overseas Chinese, Chinese students studying in Kuwait as well as representatives from the Kuwait Naval Force, were at the pier to welcome the Chinese naval escort taskforce.


After the welcoming ceremony at the pier, personnel including Rear Admiral Bai Yaoping, commanding officer of the taskforce, Zhou Pingfei, political commissar of the taskforce as well as Chinese Ambassador to Kuwait Wang Di, had cordial talks at the meeting room of the destroyer Harbin(Hull 112).


Chinese and foreign personnel attending the welcoming ceremony also visited the guided-missile frigate Handan (Hull 579) and the guided-missile destroyer Harbin (Hull 112).


During its visit to Kuwait, the taskforce’s commanding officers are scheduled to call on officers of the Military Forces of the State of Kuwait and visit Kuwait naval ships and military facilities together with the officers and soldiers of the taskforce.


In addition, the Chinese and Kuwait sailors will also hold cultural and sports activities.


Kuwait is the last stop of the 24th Chinese naval escort taskforce’s foreign port calls after its goodwill visits to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.



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