Chinese Navy to acquire new trimaran hull frigate

IHS Jane's Defence Weekly
Yao Jianing

The China Shipbuilding Trading Corporation (CSSC) has revealed a new trimaran-hulled frigate concept at the IDEX show held in Abu Dhabi, telling Jane's that a version was being built for China's People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN).

The trimaran vessel, as displayed by CSSC at IDEX. (Richard D Fisher Jr)

The specifications provided by CSSC for the trimaran vessel state that it displaces 2,450 tonnes, has a length of 142 m, a width of 32.6 m, a cruising speed of 25 kt, and an endurance of 30 days. A CSSC official added that its top speed is between 30-35 kt and that it has a crew of more than 100.

CSSC officials said the vessel uses diesel engines that power a "marine electric propulsion system" that in turn drive three pump jets. It does not have a secondary propeller propulsion system.

Although lighter than China's Type 054A frigate, the trimaran carries a similar armament of one 76 mm main gun, vertical launch tubes for 16 or 32 missiles, eight anti-ship missile launchers, two close-in weapon systems, and hangar space for two helicopters.

CSSC also revealed a concept for a 700 tonne derivative of the PLAN's Type 022 catamaran fast attack craft (FAC). It is armed with a 76 mm gun and four anti-ship missile launchers. CSSC officials said the PLAN has so far shown no interest in this version and there are no plans to build it.

CSSC also displayed a model of a 700 tonne derivative of the PLAN's Type 022 catamaran FAC. (Richard D Fisher Jr)
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