US media: China has multiple ways to sanction South Korea


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Zhang Tao
File photo shows that South Korea people are protesting against THAAD.


BEIJING, Mar. 1 (ChinaMil) -- The Quartz, an American website, said that "China is making life hard for South Korea because of an antimissile system in over 40 petty ways".


"Relations between China and South Korea have been icy of late" for South Korea's deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system, and "one of the earliest sectors to take a hit was entertainment", the Quartz reported.


China is the largest overseas market of South Korea's movie, TV and pop music products, but now China has not only "kept Korean stars out of the country by turning down applications to perform", but also "banned screenings of movies with Korean star".


China is also targeting South Korea's tourism, automobile and cosmetics industry. The report quoted a politics professor David Zweig at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) as saying that "If you are deeply engaged with China and then do things that China doesn’t like, China will use its trade advantage [as] leverage against you. There’s nothing much South Korea can do other than take the hit."


"The deployment of THAAD is shaking the whole Northeast Asian situation," reported Hankook Ilbo on February 28, saying that as the South Korea government speeds up the deployment of THAAD, the security situation in Northeast Asia becomes extremely unstable, then China and the DPRK may enter talks again to deal with the military alliance among South Korea , US and Japan.


As far as THAAD is concerned, two opposing blocks seem to have appeared in the Northeast Asia, DPRK-China-Russia VS South Korea -US-Japan.


China has issued severe warnings to South Korea, U.S. and Japan against their intensification of the security alliance on the excuse of DPRK. By deploying the THAAD in South Korea and intensifying the military cooperation with Japan, the U.S. has indeed built a besieging net around China, so it's possible that China will tighten the connection with DPRK in the future.


It is said that the minute China sent a signal to DPRK about mending the relations, the DPRK assigned its deputy foreign minister to visit China on February 28, which was obviously a response to South Korea and America's accelerated deployment of THAAD. Some people worry that the international community may be divided on the sanction against the DPRK.

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