Chinese military to deepen anti-graft efforts in 2017

China Military
Zhang Tao

BEIJING, March 2 ( ChinaMil) -- The Discipline Inspection Commission of China’s Central Military Commission (CMC) convened an enlarged meeting in Beijing on Wednesday.

The meeting reviewed the anti-corruption work in the PLA in 2016, and made work schedules and tasks in 2017.

Vice chairman of China's Central Military Commission Xu Qiliang attended and addressed the meeting.

Xu Qiliang said at the meeting that in the past one year and more, new achievements have been made in PLA’s discipline inspection, supervision and anti-corruption, providing the political guarantee and disciplinary support for building a powerful military.

It is a must to adhere to and implement the CMC Chairman responsibility system, so as to ensure PLA’s highly centralized and unified leadership, stressed Xu.

He urged to accelerate the formulation of measures for the Chinese military on the implementation of the Accountability Regulations of the CPC, and consolidate the firm defense line against corruption.

CMC members Fang Fenghui, Zhang Yang, Zhao Keshi and Zhang Youxia also attended the meeting.


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