European Defense Agency completes project on artillery accuracy

Zhang Tao

BRUSSELS, March 2 (Xinhua) -- The European Defense Agency (EDA) has completed a project aimed at increasing the accuracy of artillery systems in member states, the agency said on Thursday.

The Course Correction Fuze (CCF) project was initiated in 2012 by EDA, with the objective to develop cost-effective and affordable technical solutions for reducing ballistic dispersion.

According to EDA's press release, the investigations proved that by introducing a new type of fuze, the accuracy of artillery systems used by the armed forces can be enhanced.

Experts from EDA member states, including Belgium, Poland, Sweden, Britain as well as Norway which has signed an administrative arrangement with EDA, contributed to the subject.

They worked out a European requirements document for CCF, which was agreed and distributed to participating member states' authorities in late 2016.

EDA is an EU agency based in Brussels, with a primary mission to support the member states and the Council of the EU in their effort to improve European defense capabilities.


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