Combined force of ethnic armed groups attack military outposts in northern Myanmar

Huang Panyue

YANGON, March 5 (Xinhua) -- A 70-strong combined force from Kachin Independent Army (KIA) and Ta'ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) attacked Panlot outpost in Kutkai township which is stationed to provide security measures for Lashio-Muse Union Highway in northern Shan state, official media reported Sunday.

The combined force withdrew the skirmish when another group of military troops nearby joined the attacked military post and made counter-attack on Saturday.

Meanwhile, a combined force of 15 members from KIA and TNLA attacked Yinkwetaung outpost and Namtkhaing bridge Checkpoint using heavy and light weapons on the same day.

Some military members were killed and weapons and related items were taken away after the attack. Three civilians who worked for Oriental Highway Co.,Ltd near the attacked area got seriously injured by a motor shell fired by the combined force.

The military columns continued to conduct area clearance operations in the region.




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