PLA declassifies national defense patents for first time

China Military
Yao Jianing

BEIJING, March 6 (ChinaMil) -- More than 3,000 Chinese national defense patents have been declassified with 2,346 released to the public, in order to promote civilian use.

The first release of 2,346 patents by the National Defense Intellectual Property Office of the Equipment Development Department of China’s Central Military Commission (CMC) was published on the PLA Weapon Equipment Acquisition Information Network.

Since the implementation of the national defense patent system more than 30 years ago, this is the first time that selective patents have been declassified and released. This is China's instructive practice of "from military to civilian" and an enhancing interaction in technology information between the military and civilian under the context of in-depth development of China's civil-military integration.

Information on the Weapon Equipment Acquisition Information Network includes the patent name, patent number, patentee, abstract and technical information.

The declassified patents cover a wide range of areas, such as material, communication, measurement and control, image processing, aircraft design and vehicles, showing a great potential for both military and civilian uses.

Academician Yu Qifeng from the PLA National University of Defense Technology declassified nine national defense patents in this batch.

"The release of declassified national defense patents is significant for the country, the national defense research units and those who work in the science and technology fields," said Yu.

There were few civilian uses of national defense patents until recently as the majority of the technology was used by the military due to an imperfect system and inefficient information exchange.

To rectify this, the competent authorities of the national defense intellectual property carried out a review since 2015 of the classification levels of authorized national defense patents, which led to a large-scale declassification and a release through the PLA Weapon Equipment Acquisition Information Network.

The next step is to develop specific regulations of the classification and declassification of national defense patents and carry out regular releases of declassified national defense patents, according to the competent authorities of the national defense intellectual property.

Meanwhile, the authorities will also develop the national defense intellectual property portal and the national defense intellectual property comprehensive service platform to provide better services through the PLA Weapon Equipment Acquisition Information Network.

If the national defense patents are considered as the "sleeping beauty", the measures mentioned above will effectively awaken it and promote its full use.

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