Chinese scholar calls for more academic exchanges between China, LatAm

Huang Panyue

RIO DE JANEIRO, March 10 (Xinhua) -- It is still necessary to have more academic exchanges between China and Latin American countries, like Brazil, though they have done a lot in this regard in the past years, a Chinese scholar told Xinhua here.

Not many Chinese economists study the economies of Latin America, and it is necessary to increase knowledge about those matters, said Prof. Qi Hao, from Renmin University's School of Economics, who attended an international conference here on Thursday and Friday.

"In 2015 I participated in a conference on China and Latin America's economic relations in Beijing, and saw that in China we do not have many economists studying Latin America," said Qi, who attended the conference on China's political economy.

"We need to understand more about Brazilian and Latin American economies," he said. "I came here and saw that Brazilians know more about us than we know about them."

The conference was organized by the Laboratory of Political Economy Studies of China (LabChina), a group based at the Institute of Economics of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, one of the oldest and more prominent universities in Brazil.

Qi praised LabChina and considered it important to have such an academic exchange between Brazilian and Chinese institutions. He also talked about how Brazil and China can work together to achieve mutual benefits.

"China and Brazil are big economies. There are many common benefits these two economies can pursue together. Both of us are in the lower end of the global value chain," he said.

"We need to cooperate more to promote our positions in the global economy and promote our long-term value. I hope there will be more cooperation in the future," he said.

In the two-day the conference, participants discussed the economic strategies of China and its importance to the emerging nations and to the world economy as a whole.

They also discussed the challenges and advances in the Chinese economy, as well as innovation, environmental matters, and labor. The Brazilian participants stressed the importance of Brazil's relations with China and the two countries' partnership at trade and multilateral organizations such as BRICS, a group that consists of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.



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