Albania to turn Sazan Island military base into tourist destination

Huang Panyue

TIRANA, April 5 (Xinhua) -- Two Albanian ministries signed Wednesday a cooperation agreement to turn the southern Sazan Island into a tourist destination during summer seasons.

The agreement was signed between Albanian Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism and Trade and the Ministry of Defense.

Sazan Island is the largest island in Albania with a surface area of 5.7 square km. It is a military facility with no civil population. It will be open to tourists from early May to late October, the ministries informed.

According to economy minister Milva Ekonomi, the opening of Sazan Island has been a constant request of Albanian tour operators, travel agencies which are trying to offer more destinations to tourists seeking to explore Albania.

Minister of defense Mimi Kodheli told reporters after signing agreement that tourism as a significant sector of the Albanian economy.

"Due to the fact that many military bases are located in prominent places of particular natural beauty such as the seaside, we should make it possible for tourists to visit them thus making their stay more appealing," Kodheli told reporters.

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