Chinese peacekeepers rescue trapped Nepalese peacekeeping vehicles in S. Sudan


China Military
Huang Panyue
尼泊尔车辆陷入淤泥区。焦晓晨 摄
Two military vehicles attached to the Nepalese peacekeeping detachment to South Sudan are trapped in silt when escorting a United Nations (UN) vehicle fleet on Monday. (mod, Jiao Xiaochen)


SOUTH SUDAN (WAU), May 11 (ChinaMil) -- The 15th Chinese peacekeeping engineering detachment to South Sudan (Wau) rescued an armored vehicle and a military truck of the Nepalese peacekeeping detachment to South Sudan, which were trapped in the silt on May 8, 2017, local time.


On that day, the Nepalese peacekeeping detachment entered a muddy riverbank mistakenly on the way back to its campsite after completing its mission of escorting a United Nations (UN) vehicle fleet loaded with petrol, oil and lubricants (POL), and an armored vehicle was trapped in the silt.


As the water-soaked soil on the riverbank was very soft in the rainy season, a truck of the Nepalese peacekeeping detachment also got stuck in the mud while rescuing the trapped armored vehicle. Being in an unknown wild place without large machinery, the Nepalese detachment had to ask for help.


Trapped in a place nearly 100 kilometers away from the Kuajok Base of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), far away from any towns and prone to local armed conflicts, the Nepalese detachment with limited provisions faced a very dangerous situation.


After receiving an emergency rescue request from the Sector West Headquarters of the UNMISS, the Chinese peacekeeping engineering detachment started the rescue operation immediately.


After knowing the situation, Wang Naiqiang, commander of the 15th Chinese peacekeeping engineering detachment, ordered to send personnel including mechanical technician and repairmen with repair tools and equipment from the Chinese engineering detachment's base camp in Wau.


He also ordered to dispatch a flatbed trailer and a crawler excavator from the Chinese engineering troops stationed in Kuajok to the scene, where Zhu Chunfeng, chief engineer of the Chinese engineering detachment, organized the emergent rescue operation.


About 10 minutes later, the two stuck vehicles were pulled out of the mud. The Nepalese peacekeepers and local residents cheered loudly, and some of them also hugged the Chinese peacekeepers.


Chinese peacekeepers’ professional competence and responsibility won praise from Nepalese peacekeepers and local residents.

挖掘机操作手进行拖救。焦晓晨 摄
A peacekeeper of the 15th Chinese peacekeeping engineering detachment to South Sudan operates a crawler excavator during an operation to rescue the trapped vehicles of a Nepalese peacekeeping detachment to South Sudan. ( Jiao Xiaochen)

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