Chinese and Bangladesh navies conduct joint maritime drill

China Military
Huang Panyue
Sailors aboard Chinese naval warship wave goodbye when leaving the Port of Chittagong at about 10:00 am on May 26, local time. (Photo by Xu Xiaoyu)

By Yan Guiwang and Shi Kuijie

PORT OF CHITTAGONG, May 27 (ChinaMil) -- A Chinese ocean-going naval fleet completed its friendly visit to Bangladesh and left the Port of Chittagong at about 10:00 am on May 26, local time, and then sailed to Sri Lanka for friendly visit.

After leaving the Port of Chittagong, the Chinese naval fleet conducted a joint maritime drill with the Bangladesh Navy in northern waters off the Bay of Bengal.

The guided-missile destroyer Changchun (Hull 150), the guided-missile frigate Jingzhou (Hull 532) and the comprehensive supply ship Chaohu (Hull 890) of the Chinese PLA Navy, as well as the guided-missile frigates BNS Abu Bakar (F15) and BNS Bijoy (F35) of the Bangladesh Navy participated in the joint drill.

During the drill, the five naval ships took command of the five subjects of the drill in turn, and both sides also dispatched their observers to each other's ships in the whole process of the drill.

“The drill has further upgraded the joint command and coordination capabilities between the two sides and further deepened the mutual trust and cooperation between the two navies,” said Rear Admiral Shen Hao, commanding officer of the Chinese naval fleet on foreign visit mission.

Military band of the Bangladesh Navy performs during the seeing-off ceremony for the Chinese ocean-going naval fleet at the Port of Chittagong on May 26, local time. (Photo by/ Xu Xiaoyu)

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