CMC specifies punishment for breaches of Party discipline

Zhang Tao

BEIJING, June 1 (Xinhua) -- The Central Military Commission (CMC) has called for strict political discipline in the military and outlined punishments for breaches of the rules and code of conduct of the Communist Party of China, according to a revised regulation issued by the commission.

The military should put "strict political discipline and rules" at the forefront, it said. It detailed punishment for those who made false political statements, were slack in their implementation of CMC instructions or damage the reputation of the military.

It also clarified penalties for misconduct during military training, drills and important military missions.

The revised version is a requirement for strict Party governance and management of the Army in accordance with law, it said. The revision will play an important role in building a clean military and promoting the anti-corruption drive in the army.

The regulation came into force upon publication.


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