DPRK confirms test firing ground-to-sea cruise missiles

Huang Panyue

PYONGYANG, June 9 (Xinhua) -- The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) confirmed early Friday it test fired a new type of ground-to-sea cruise missile on Thursday, the fourth missile test by Pyongyang in one month.

The Korean Central News Agency said DPRK top leader Kim Jong Un guided the test fire of the missile, which was "a powerful attack means capable of striking any enemy group of battleships."

A number of cruise missiles were launched from caterpillar self-propelled launching pad vehicles capable of staging strikes "at will," it said.

"The launched cruise rockets accurately detected and hit the floating targets on the East Sea of Korea (Sea of Japan) after making circular flights," said the report.

Earlier media reports said the test fire was made from DPRK's eastern coast city of Wonson, a major naval base near the military demarcation line.

The United States lately sent two aircraft carrier task groups to the Sea of Japan to hold joint military exercises with South Korea.


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