Chinese Army strengthens supervision at grass-roots level

Yao Jianing

BEIJING, June 22 (Xinhua) -- By early June, all brigade and corps-level military units nationwide had set up liaison offices tasked with supervising the conduct of officers and soldiers, the Central Military Commission (CMC) announced Thursday.

The establishment of liaison offices was a milestone in the campaign to address minor corruption and undesirable work styles within the People's Liberation Army. The anti-graft campaign will now focus on the grass-roots level.

Since it began in late April, 387 liaison offices have been set up at the brigade and corps level, tasked with supervising various units such as combat troops, research institutions and service units.

The liaison offices were ordered to appoint over 18,900 supervisors for the grass-roots level. These supervisors carried out spot checks and unannounced investigations on officers and soldiers.

Since May, more than 41,000 such checks and investigations have been conducted among company-level officers and soldiers.

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