Israeli fighter jet strikes Syrian army posts


JERUSALEM, June 24 (Xinhua) -- The Israeli air force struck Syria's army posts on Saturday afternoon, after errant projectiles hit the Israeli-annexed Golan Heights.

A spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said in a statement that a fighter jet targeted positions and two tanks of the Syrian army in the Golan Heights.

The airstrike came "in response to over ten projectiles launched from Syria that hit Israel earlier Saturday," the statement read.

The projectiles hit an open field, causing no injuries or damage, according to Israeli authorities.

The army said the mortars are believed to hit Israel by mistake, due to the Syrian internal fighting near Quneitra.

However, the army said it considers the fire an "unacceptable breach of Israeli sovereignty," and filed an official protest with the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force, which maintains the cease-fire between Syria and Israel.

Errant fire from the six-year fighting in Syria occasionally spills over to Israel, which often retaliates with airstrikes.

Israel has repeatedly said it would not intervene in the internal fighting in Syria, but is widely believed to have been carrying out airstrikes at Syria's weapons shipments and providing medical treatment to hundreds of wounded Syrians reaching the borders.



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