China refutes Japan's accusation of Chinese warship trespassing Japanese territorial waters

China Military Online

BEIJING, July 4 (ChinaMil) -- China on Monday rejected Japan's accusation of a Chinese naval ship entering the Japanese territorial waters when passing though the Tsugaru Strait on Sunday morning.

The Tsugaru Strait is a non-territorial strait and therefore, all ships of world countries including naval ships enjoy the rights of normal passage through the strait, said the information bureau of China's Defense Ministry Monday when asked by reporters to make a true-or-false confirmation on the Japanese Defense Ministry's allegation.

According to Japanese media reports, Japan's Ministry of Defense alleged on Sunday that a information gathering ship of the Chinese navy entered Japan's territorial waters while sailing along the Tsugaru Strait, a strait that connects the Sea of Japan with the Pacific Ocean.

"The Chinese naval ship's passing through the Tsugaru Strait is in line with international laws and Japan has ulterior motives with its accusations and factitious hyping up of it," the Defense Ministry said explicitly.


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