Chinese military to advance global security, peaceful development: official

Huang Panyue

JUBA, July 29 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese defense force will devote its might toward promotion of global security and peaceful development, a military official said recently.

Military Attache at the Chinese Embassy in South Sudan Lin Wei acknowledged that the monumental transformation the People's Liberation Army (PLA) has undergone in the last nine decades, adding that its contribution to global peace and stability remains profound.

"China has no intention for military competition or expansion. But because of the country's special strategic and security environment, China has to build and maintain a fairly strong defence force," said Lin at an occasion marking the 90th anniversary of the founding of the People's Liberation Army.

He told a gathering of senior policymakers, diplomats and military officials from South Sudan that the Chinese army has no intentions to dominate the world but to safeguard national and global security and economic interests.

He added that the People's Liberation Army is the embodiment China's socialist ideals, sovereignty, reform and quest for progress in all human endeavors.

Beijing has reassured the world its sophisticated defence force will not jeopardize peace, stability and economic development.

Lin said that despite its military prowess, China has no intention to pursue aggressive policies but will join forces with the rest of the global community to advocate for harmonious co-existence.

"The pursuit of peaceful development represents the peace loving cultural tradition of the Chinese nation over the past centuries, a tradition we have inherited and carried forward," Lin remarked.

He noted that China has drawn lessons from its painful history marked with poverty, foreign invasions and civil wars to champion for peaceful and orderly development.

China has actively participated in UN peace keeping operations in global hot spots in line with its commitment to become a responsible player in world affairs.

Lin noted that China has so far deployed more than 31,000 military personnel to 24 UN peacekeeping operations while 13 servicemen have died in the line of duty.

He hailed the robust military cooperation with South Sudan to help restore peace and stability in the strife-torn world's youngest republic.


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