Chinese naval hospital ship Peace Ark visits Republic of Congo

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Chinese naval hospital ship Peace Ark arrives at the Port of Pointe-Noire in the Republic of Congo on October 10, local time. (mod. gov. cn/Jiang Shan)

By Jiang Shan

POINTE-NOIRE, Oct. 11 (ChinaMil) -- Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy's hospital ship Peace Ark, which is on the "Harmonious Mission-2017", left the Port of Owendo in Libreville on October 8 after finishing the 8-day visit to Gabon, and arrived at the Port of Pointe-Noire in Republic of Congo on October 10 for a 8-day goodwill visit.

The Chinese naval hospital ship sailed into the Port of Pointe-Noire at around 10:00 am on Oct.10. The Republic of Congo held a grand welcome ceremony for the ship at the port.

This is the first time for the Chinese naval ship to visit the Republic of Congo. The Chinese hospital ship will provide humanitarian medical services to local people during the visit.

Mrs. Jacqueline Lydia Mikolo, minister of Health and Population of the Republic of Congo, welcomed the Chinese naval hospital ship at the port. She said that Congo attaches great importance to the hospital ship Peace Ark's visit and the visit embodies the friendly relation between the two countries.

During the visit, the Peace Ark will not only treat local patients onboard, but also will send several medical teams to local hospitals for joint diagnosis and treatment, and provide medical services to several local villages.

Rear Admiral Guan Bailin, mission commander of the "Harmonious Mission-2017", will call on President Sassou of the Republic of Congo and visit local military facilities, vessels and medical institutions. The relationship between China and the Republic of Congo developed smoothly since they forged diplomatic ties on February 22, 1964. China began to send medical teams to Congo since 1966.

Color guards raise national flags of China and Congo at the Port of Pointe-Noire on October 10, 2017, local time. (mod. gov. cn/Jiang Shan)

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